Top 5 Tips for Keeping Teeth White and Healthy!
Top 5 Tips for Keeping Teeth White and Healthy!
Searching for the best dentist in Encino? Encino Total Dentistry is here to help! To know the top 5 tips for keeping your teeth white and healthy, read this blog here!

We all are born with a natural and beautiful smile. But maintaining that natural smile is very important. Having a beautiful-looking smile will enhance the glow of your body. However, several other factors affect the color of your teeth, such as smoking, red wine, and black coffee. Keeping our teeth white will also affect our oral hygiene and how serious we are about oral hygiene.


Nowadays, it’s very easy to keep your teeth white and healthy. There are many dental clinics, but the best dentist in Encino can provide you with dental teeth whitening services. They will ensure you get a beautiful smile in just a few days.


Do you want to get white teeth instantly? Here are some of the few tips that will help you to get instant white teeth.


Let us take a look below!


Follow right diet 

Having a healthy and balanced diet will help you to get white teeth. You need to avoid particular food that can cause damage to your teeth. If you just had teeth whitening treatment, then it is recommended to avoid certain beverages and food. Beverages like cold drinks, coffee, tea, and sodas will provide you with so many negative impacts on your teeth. As you might know, these beverages have zero nutritional value, so avoiding these food items is always better. 


Brush thoroughly 

If you want to keep your white teeth for a longer duration, then brushing twice a day is recommended. Brushing twice a day will lead to good oral hygiene. Even if you are brushing regularly, ensure that you are using the proper technique. Some people don’t brush appropriately in case of emergency, leading to yellow teeth and bad breath. Spending 5 minutes to ensure that you are brushing in the right direction is recommended. 


Protect teeth from injury 

This is one of the essential things you need to do right now. It would be best to protect your teeth from injury. Even while playing sports, make sure that you use a mouthguard. It will ensure that your teeth are protected while doing any physical activities. You must make sure you do it slowly while brushing your teeth to avoid gum injury. 


Use Hydrogen Peroxide 

Many people might not know this, but Hydrogen Peroxide is a natural bleaching agent that helps fight against harmful bacteria. Today, many medical experts are using this to disinfect wounds due to its incredible ability to clean bacteria. Moreover, there are so many products your dentist will use for teeth whitening in Encino that contain hydrogen peroxide. If you brush your teeth with toothpaste containing hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, there are 62 % higher chances of getting white teeth.


Avoiding dental trauma:


You need to make sure that you use your teeth for chewing. Never use your teeth to remove crack nuts or removing bottle tops. This would cause some severe damage to your teeth. If any mishappenings occur, make sure you visit the dentist as soon as possible. Ensure you avoid this situation so you don’t break your tooth. This can also be very dangerous, where your teeth can get badly affected.