Health Benefits of Straight Teeth | Tower House Dental Clinic
Health Benefits of Straight Teeth | Tower House Dental Clinic
The first method is known as teeth aligners. You wear these appliances for about 6 months. These aligners gently move teeth into the proper position and can give you a straight smile in no time. This method is one of the fastest and most comfortable available, and it will give you a beautiful smile in no time.

Straighten Your Teeth without Braces | Tower House Dental Clinic

The cost of orthodontic treatment will depend on the type of brace and the scale of the treatment. The process usually takes two to four weeks, although some private practices are able to offer faster results. A retainer is recommended to maintain the results of your treatment. Moreover, you should expect to spend at least one year wearing your new brace.

In the UK, metal braces are the most common option for Online Teeth Straightening UK with excellent success rates. They have been used in dentistry for almost a century and have undergone numerous changes to ensure their safety. While metal braces are a great choice for patients who have a complex case, clear aligners are an excellent option for minor cases.