Webbazzar In Zaka Coins At Kanyakumari
Webbazzar In Zaka Coins At Kanyakumari
Webbazar is made to rectify and ratify this. Here, local products are available to local people at the right price through local courier agents. The producer is also not exploited. For example, if the people of Kanyakumari take the sea fishes they love to eat, they don’t get the authentic fishes at the right price. The same is the case with each region’s respective native goods. Webbazar is the only solution for this problem.

Webbazar's P2P trade work

Besides the seller and the buyer, a delivery agent is needed to pick up the product from the seller and deliver it to the buyer. The Swiggy or Zomato delivery method is followed here; but a decentralized cart. An independent delivery agent from a local area called Elkart (Local Cart) processes the orders he receives immediately. That means he gets the product from the seller and hands it over to the buyer. The commission amount is instantly received as Zaka.

Since Webbazar is a newly formed P2P online marketplace we need few or more marketing agents to let people know about Webbazar. Affiliate marketing is the right choice to market Webbazar. The affiliates bring the necessary merchants, customers and  decentralized courier agents to Webbazar. Hence, in every trade, three Zaka Coins remittances are made; one for the seller, the second one for the courier and last one to the affiliate, if any.


Webbazar is a decentralized portal without a central authority to boss over; it’s like an open source for the vendors.

It is an online marketplace for local products. Here the local vendor sells their native products to the local customers at the right price.

Here, any manufacturer who makes a product can become an instant trader and sell his products.

Product manufacturers can become full-time or part-time vendors and sell products from their own houses.

Since there are no middlemen or mediation entities, you can buy or sell at the best price.