How to develop a cryptocurrency exchange script ?
How to develop a cryptocurrency exchange script ?
A cryptocurrency exchange script is a ready-made crypto exchange software that helps you to build and launch a user-friendly crypto trading platform instantly.

A cryptocurrency exchange script is a ready-made crypto exchange software that helps you to build and launch a user-friendly crypto trading platform instantly. Our script includes cutting-edge trading modules and strong security measures. O ur crypto exchange script is completely customizable, you can easily alter themes, features, styles, and other add-ons to meet your specific business needs.

What is Cryptocurrency Exchange Script?

A Cryptocurrency Exchange Script is a ready-made source code that allows you to build a trading platform for digital assets such as Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Ripple (XRP), and so on. Our white label crypto exchange scripts are market-ready solutions with a highly flexible design that can be promptly introduced to the market. They are outfitted with appealing features for elegant UI design, liquidity, and security for hassle-free trading. With the help of cryptocurrency exchange script from Hivelance, anyone may launch their own cryptocurrency exchange platform rapidly and for minimal expenditure.

What is Bitcoin Exchange Script?

A Bitcoin Exchange Script is a set of source code that has been fully created, developed, tested multiple times, and is bug-free, can be used to establish a fully functional bitcoin exchange platform with enhanced bitcoin trading qualities and components. Hivelance is a Premium Bitcoin Exchange Script Development Company that creates white label bitcoin exchange script with tailored features and plugins to enable you to customize your bitcoin exchange platform to your specifications. Moreover, we offer a convenient bitcoin trading app for Android and iOS platforms that has a trading chat function, intuitive user interface, multi-factor authentication, seamless responsive UI, Push notifications, wallet, admin console, trading engine and so on.

White label Cryptocurrency Exchange Script

We have ready-made white label crypto exchange script that is fully customizable on clients expectations and created with a user-friendly interface. Exchange Operators, Brokerage Services, OTC Desks, Liquidity Providers, Automated Market Makers, and Security Token Offering providers can make use of our software script to build great exchanges.

Our Wide Range of Cryptocurrency Exchange Script to Embrace Your Business

We lead the way of your exchange platform of trading to a successful venture.


Centralized Exchange Development

We help you to launch centralized cryptocurrency exchanges with multiple add-on features like liquidity API integration. We will integrate the order book of any third party exchange and display it on your exchanges. This increases the cryptocurrency flow, which helps in bringing more users for your platform.

P2P Crypto Exchange Development

We develop unique p2p ads based cryptocurrency exchanges like Remitano, Paxful helping many business ventures to have extensive growth. Our P2P crypto Exchange script can empower your crypto exchanges without requiring human operation or supervision.The automated crypto transactions drive trusted transactions, eliminating the need for a middleman and cuts unnecessary transaction fees.


OTC Crypto Exchange Development

We give you complete source code of OTC trading scripts programmed by our developers. Install the file and run the OTC trading platform instantly. We are recommended as the leading player in OTC crypto exchange development having a stockpile of clients across the globe. Our OTC trading platform is a future solution for all the crypto magnets looking to start an OTC desk platform.


Decentralized Exchange(DEX) Development

We developed a decentralized exchange script that is envisioned with customization features and enables you to clone popular dex platforms. Decentralized exchanges are closely regulated by smart contract triggers that make it possible to establish trade between two different cryptocurrencies in atomic swapping mechanisms.

NFT Exchange Development

We provide NFT Exchange Development Services allowing you to start your own NFT Exchange/marketplace on different blockchain such as Ethereum and Binance Smart Chain, and Polygon etc. We aid you in transforming your idea into an extraordinary NFT Exchange Platform by leveraging the expertise of our solidity smart contract developers.



Escrow Exchange Development

Escrow exchange software is the ready-made script that enables you to launch a secure p2p crypto exchange with a powerful escrow system. It will act as a third-party interface that helps in sending/receiving crypto assets in p2p. We develop an escrow based exchange that allows the admin or owner of the exchange to keep track of the payments on both buyers & sellers who are in the transaction process.


Leverage & Margin Exchange Development

We help you in launching leverage & Margin exchange platforms efficiently. Margin trading exchange models allow exchange owners to extend their revenue wings through multiple sources. Make your exchange filled with features like Shuffling funds, deleveraging, and transaction fees tweaking options to earn more income. We comply with specifics of margin trading and lending when building your exchange.

Hybrid Cryptocurrency Exchange Development

Hybrid cryptocurrency exchange development involves the combination of both centralized & decentralized exchanges operating under the same brand. The website operating in centralized nature offers free space for decentralized trading to happen inside. We make this possible using highly programmed smart contracts and robust trading exchange engines.


Why Choose Hivelance
for Cryptocurrency Exchange Script Development?

Hivelance is the best cryptocurrency exchange software service provider to enable you to stand high among the competitors. With 10+ years in field, we have delivered cryptocurrency exchange scripts with tried and tested outputs to more than 500+ customers. We are the pioneer in blockchain technology providing solutions and services in the cryptocurrency area.

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