BingX Carnival Kicks off With Big Prize Pool to Celebrate 2022 Football Event
BingX Carnival Kicks off With Big Prize Pool to Celebrate 2022 Football Event
BingX Carnival Kicks off With Big Prize Pool to Celebrate 2022 Football Event

An exciting Carnival program for World Cup 2022 was revealed by BingX, the world’s leading social trading crypto exchange, which will see millions up for grabs for the next six amazing weeks.


The 22nd edition of the World Cup football tournament, to be held in the Qatar capital of Doha from November 20 to December 18, has fired the passion of the world. To synchronise the joy vibe, leading crypto exchange BingX unveils details and awards for the carnival, which will be themed around football and the mega event. Participants will play games and trade to share a prize pool of up to 600,000 USDT and popular coins like Bitcoin and Ethereum. They also have a chance to win tickets to the World Cup Final and coveted autographed jerseys of renowned football stars.


BingX will kickstart the carnival on November 7. All BingX users will be able to participate in various games during different stages. In this carnival, all games are closely tied to the World Cup theme, as well as the schedule and phased reward system. For example, in the warm-up period, you could pick a team with the best World Cup odds and win big if your prediction is right. You can also vote for your favorite football player and draw a lottery on BingX live stream if he tops in the vote. There are more games to be expected for round of 16, quarterfinals, semifinals, and final. Moreover, participants are allowed to win more bets on the games by increasing trading volume.


“We wish more users to celebrate this big event with us and have fun”, said Elvisco Carrington, PR and Communications Director at BingX. “In addition to investment returns, they could have a real good time this time. We have enriched the games system with more options and prizes so that all users could find pleasure in it. We are expecting overwhelming responses from our users and their excellent performance will absolutely push us to take the tournament a step forward. We look forward to welcoming them for what we are sure will be an exciting and memorable BingX World Cup Carnival.”




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