Scaffolding Work on Height
Scaffolding Work on Height
how the work of scaffolding on height goes

Scaffolding work on height

When Working on Height with Scaffolds System

Approximately 15% of scaffold-related injuries occur when workers are climbing up and down. Climbing up and down scaffolding frames and braces has resulted in numerous injuries and fatalities. To prevent this, provide adequate ladders or scaffolding stairs for workers to use. In addition, workers must use proper climbing techniques.  


The main imperilment when working with scaffolds are  

• Erecting and dismantling scaffolds  

• Climbing up and down scaffolds  

• Planks sliding off or breaking  

• Improper loading or overloading  

• Platforms not fully planked or "decked"  

• Platforms without guardrails  

• Failure to install all required components such as base plates, connections, and braces  

• Moving rolling scaffolds near overhead electrical wires  

• Moving rolling scaffolds with workers on the platform.

Reasons people fall from scaffolding

• No fall protection program  

• Worker inexperience or lack of training  

• Workers not trained to identify, understand, and control fall hazards  

• Lack of fall protection or fall arrest system  

• Unstable work surface  

• Improper scaffold construction, selection, or use  

• No use of guardrails  

• Wheels are unlocked before mounting the work platform  

• Working alone from heights during off hours