Scaffolding protection against fall
Scaffolding protection against fall
protection against scaffolding fall

scaffolding protection against fall

While working on height, you consider working with well manufactured construction equipment which helps your working process easier. Considering your construction work, Scaffolding Dubai has in stock quality scaffold for quality construction work. 

When Working with this equipment, consider the practical fall protection.

Providing practical fall protection for workers erecting and dismantling scaffolding and shoring has been challenging for the construction industry. This requires that workers who are exposed to a fall hazard—such as when erecting, using, or dismantling scaffolds—must be protected from falling by using a guardrail system. If that is not practicable, workers must be protected by the highest-ranked method that is practicable (as shown below in order of preference): 

1. Travel restraint system 

2. Fall restricting system 

3. Fall arrest system 

4. Safety net 

When workers are using a scaffold as a work platform, the safest method of fall protection is guardrails, provided they can be erected safely. Workers involved in erecting or dismantling scaffolds face a different challenge. Using fall arrest equipment when erecting guardrails requires specialized procedures since normally there is nothing above the erector on which to anchor the fall protection system.

 In all cases, ensure that procedures comply with the regulations. You must use engineered design and procedures when required, and competent workers must review the installed scaffold before use. Pay special care and attention to anchorages. A competent person must give adequate oral and written instructions to all workers using fall protection systems. Like all scaffolds, this equipment must be used under the supervision of a competent person. Reference: yes-working