McAfee antivirus not working properly
McAfee antivirus not working properly
There are many reasons why McAfee may not work. I suggest you read one by one and fix McAfee Antivirus problems. If you are a non-techie, I recommend that you seek help from the McAfee Antivirus customer service team. Trained and expert technicians will help you solve the problem. The Mcafee support team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to provide you with quality services.

McAfee Antivirus is the best antivirus protection for Windows and Mac devices. Trust me, you need antivirus software to protect your computer from viruses, malware, and spyware. But sometimes, you face a problem like McAfee antivirus not working on Windows 10 or Mac devices. Don't panic, just read the full blog. You'll find the best ways to fix McAfee antivirus not working properly.

Why is McAfee Antivirus not working on my device?

Mcafee stopped working fixed

McAfee Antivirus is old but the best antivirus protection software. You can install McAfee on any version of Windows. Protects your information and your computer from viruses and adware. But sometimes, the user faces problems with McAfee Antivirus. Some people complained, McAfee stopped working, McAfee didn't respond or open. Below is part of the reason, so McAfee starts facing problems.

Common McAfee Antivirus Problems:

The first reason is that there is some blockage in your system which corrupts the McAfee Antivirus files. The blockage can be caused by viruses and malware. These viruses, malware, and spyware will prevent McAfee Antivirus from working.

Windows Update - When you update Windows operating system files. After that, the changes will be made to the files. When you install a new version of Windows. Then the files required for McAfee Antivirus can be deleted. As a result, Mcafee Antivirus does not work.

You need to restore your system to the previous version. You can do this through the System Restore process.

Free Software - When you download any free software online. The crack software contains some malicious files. When you try to install the crack software, it will make changes to the Windows registry file.

You need to fix the McAfee antivirus not working on Windows, then you need to fix the problem as soon as possible. Otherwise, it will completely damage your computer. You have to delete the %temp% files. Now, you can check if McAfee Antivirus is working or not.

How to Fix McAfee Antivirus Not Working

These are some of the most common problems that McAfee users may encounter that prevent them from using their antivirus software properly.

The real-time scan feature is automatically disabled.

Malware or viruses on your system can prevent McAfee Antivirus from working.

When you upgrade your operating system, some files required by McAfee are removed. As a result, the entire program may stop running.

If you are using the unlicensed version of the security program, you may face issues like "McAfee scan not working" and related installation and update issues.

If you are already running antivirus software on your Windows and then installing McAfee, both the versions may conflict with each other and you may have problems running the tool.

Using an older version of McAfee Antivirus can frequently result in performance issues.

Often when updating McAfee Antivirus, you may get several error messages like "McAfee cannot update your software. Please check your internet connection", your "McAfee update is stuck at 0% or random percentage", etc.

You may see error codes and messages such as Error: 12152, Invalid package, Installation incomplete, etc.

Subscription may be terminated without notice or warning.

What to do when McAfee Antivirus scan doesn't work?

You can follow the tips and tricks mentioned below to fix scanning issues that appear when using Quick Scan and Real-time Scan.

McAfee Quick Scan Not Working

Try rebooting the system and check if Scan Mode is working.

If that doesn't help, enable the Access Protection feature that comes within the Security tool.

Start McAfee Antivirus.

Go to General Settings and Alerts.

Click the dropdown menu next to Access Protection and check the box next to Use Access Protection.

Hit the APPLY button and reboot your system!