Fire Fighting Equipment Management System Using Rfid Technology
Fire Fighting Equipment Management System Using Rfid Technology
Fire Fighting Equipment Management System Using Rfid Technology

1.System overview

The company uses RFID technology, 3D visualization technology, AI, video analysis technology, cloud computing, big data and other technologies, combines hardware and software, and constantly leads industry innovation. It is committed to building a real-time, efficient and visible IOT ecosystem for you.

Jichi electronics is a wholly-owned subsidiary of OPRFID technology. The company's software and hardware R&D team has more than 10 years of experience in the development of IOT core equipment and project implementation. Relying on the technology, talent and resource advantages of the parent company, the company has strong technical advantages in IOT data acquisition and 3D visualization. The company's products and solutions have been precipitated and iterated for more than 10 years.

The company is the first in the industry to apply advanced technologies such as Internet of things technology and 3D visualization to the field of material and equipment management. Its products have mature cases in the military, armed police, public security, emergency, fire protection, water conservancy and other application fields. It has more than 3000 industrial cases, and its market share is among the top.

Apply Internet of things technology and big data processing technology to carry out intelligent management and dynamic monitoring of fire fighting equipment, so that leaders in charge, RFID fire fighting equipment management departments, warehouse keepers and other personnel at all levels can grasp the distribution, utilization, quantity and quality of RFID fire fighting equipment from different perspectives in real time, and achieve the goal of "using awareness, using records and intelligent management" of fire fighting equipment management, so as to ensure the safety Operate in an orderly and efficient manner, give full play to its effectiveness, and improve the combat effectiveness of the fire protection organs.

2.System introduction

This system is a management system combining software and hardware. It can make real-time statistics on the status and quantity of fire-fighting equipment in the warehouse. At the same time, it can automatically record and identify the entry and exit of fire-fighting equipment, remind the change of fire-fighting equipment, automatically inventory and make real-time entry and exit statistics, and realize the tracking management of the whole process of fire-fighting equipment, so as to improve the management efficiency and emergency handling ability. It has the functions of connecting superior units, managing subordinate units, statistics of fire fighting equipment, reporting and maintenance. In addition to real-time management of the fire equipment of the unit; It can also manage the fire fighting equipment of the units under its jurisdiction.

System architecture diagram

System characteristics

The RFID material warehouse management system of OPRFID technology is mainly divided into a background management system and a mobile app. The functions that can be realized include: tag initialization, warehousing, shelving, outbound, inventory and other functions.

3.Function module

☆ information reminders: reminders of the application for approval of the warehousing and warehousing of fire-fighting equipment and the processing of fire-fighting equipment; Reminding of overdue fire fighting equipment information; Information reminder of fire fighting equipment beyond the storage period; Statistics and reminders of storage of fire fighting equipment; Warning of abnormal fire fighting equipment; Maintenance of scrapped fire fighting equipment and other functions.

☆ RFID fire fighting equipment management: complete the management of fire fighting equipment from warehousing to delivery, handover, destruction and loss. Keep all handover records. It is allowed to manage the fire-fighting equipment in the temporary storage area. When the fire-fighting equipment is officially put into storage, the designated storage location can be put into storage;

☆ quick query of fire-fighting equipment: the fire-fighting equipment under the jurisdiction of the city can be quickly indexed according to various query conditions, and the detailed information, status and storage of fire-fighting equipment can be viewed; Trace all historical operation records and circulation records of fire fighting equipment

☆ operation record tracing: quickly query the information list, time and status of all fire fighting equipment handled by relevant personnel; Trace the historical operation records of fire fighting equipment in the concerned time period at any time; Trace the historical movement of fire-fighting equipment according to time, name of fire-fighting equipment and other information to understand the movement track;

☆ allocation management of fire fighting equipment: allocation management of fire fighting equipment among different units, which can be deployed in batches;

☆ fire fighting equipment scrapping maintenance management: for the issued fire fighting equipment that needs maintenance or scrapping, the maintenance and scrapping management can be carried out after the application is submitted remotely in the system and approved.

☆ RFID automatic identification: automatically identify the access fire fighting equipment, record the information, time and activity track of the access fire fighting equipment, without manual intervention;

☆ statistical report: regularly count the list of fire-fighting equipment in the warehouse of grass-roots units and export it to excel for saving and filing; Make statistics and inventory of all fire-fighting equipment in warehouse and out of warehouse of grass-roots units, and output graphical analysis; Make statistics on the historical access of all fire fighting equipment and output the report; The statistical report makes statistics on the usage of storage devices and outputs the report;

☆ permission and approval management: manage system users, assign user login name and user information; Assign and manage users' rights; Support multi unit data management and independent management of fire equipment of subordinate departments; Set the approval process for all kinds of delivery and operation. You can perform hierarchical control according to the important level of fire equipment and customize the approval process;

☆ remote fire fighting equipment management: authorized users of the fire fighting Intranet can query the information, status, storage location and relevant picture information of the fire fighting equipment of the unit at any time according to the authority; According to the authorization, remotely approve the warehousing and processing application of fire fighting equipment and add approval opinions;

☆ remote fire fighting equipment tracing: query the historical circulation record information of fire fighting equipment and trace the historical activity track of fire fighting equipment in real time according to the authorization. Understand the storage and status of the fire fighting equipment of the unit in real time, and the statistical information of the number of various fire fighting equipment in the warehouse and out of the warehouse; Warehousing and historical processing operation records of all fire fighting equipment;

Platform management process:

4.Deployment of fire equipment management system

Fire fighting equipment management system is a system of strengthening and standardizing management. It is divided into four areas: fire equipment registration management area, fire equipment RFID intelligent record collection area, fire equipment storage area and mobile fire equipment warehouse. The fire fighting equipment room is equipped with a fire fighting equipment management workbench, and includes a fire fighting equipment management host, radio frequency acquisition equipment, image acquisition equipment, etc. as the main framework for tracing and circulation of fire fighting equipment management.

4.1 Fire fighting equipment registration management area

The registration management area is the main section for RID fire equipment management. The fire equipment management workbench is set at the entrance of the fire equipment room, and the fire equipment management workstation is arranged. The fire equipment reproducer and information management system are used for daily registration and access management of the fire equipment. It can also select and configure printers, scanners, fire equipment processing equipment and other auxiliary equipment according to work needs.

The administrator registers the basic information of fire fighting equipment here. Including electronic label allocation, printing, photographing and storage location allocation.

At the same time, the daily procedures for the circulation of fire-fighting equipment, such as warehousing and handling, and other daily work required by the fire-fighting equipment preservation and storage specifications can be carried out in the management area

A filing cabinet can be placed in the management area to store the historical files of fire-fighting equipment, the paper files such as the verification and approval of the circulation of fire-fighting equipment, and other entity fire-fighting equipment files.

4.2 Fire fighting equipment RFID intelligent record collection area

The main entrance and exit of the RID fire fighting equipment room are equipped with fire fighting equipment guard host, RFID intelligent acquisition equipment, and HD image acquisition equipment for automatic identification and monitoring of fire fighting equipment.

5.System function

The real-time and accuracy of data have been greatly enhanced, and the work efficiency has been greatly improved.

Through this system, the management personnel of RFID fire fighting equipment and materials can easily input, modify, query and statistics the data of RFID fire fighting equipment and materials, and the relevant data can be transmitted to the superior management department and data center through the fire fighting network within a few seconds. When an emergency occurs, the management personnel can accurately grasp the stock and status information of the required materials, the warehouse, shelf and location information, and can view the location, distribution, recovery and other information of the emergency reserve materials in real time through the system. The work efficiency has been greatly improved and the workload has been greatly reduced.

Data is highly shared, and linkage support and support can be realized between regions

By using this system and cooperating with the regional fire fighting cooperation mechanism, the sharing of RFID fire fighting equipment materials and their data among districts and counties can be realized. When an emergency occurs, the system can timely grasp the situation of emergency material reserves in the adjacent areas and realize the nearby allocation. It can also realize overall planning, hierarchical storage and dynamic allocation of emergency support materials within a certain area to reduce resource waste.

The whole process dynamic and visual management of fire-fighting equipment and materials is realized, and the degree of management refinement is greatly improved.

Through this system, it is convenient to realize the dynamic and visual supervision of the whole process of the procurement, storage, distribution, use and recycling of RFID fire equipment materials, and easily confirm the completion of the procurement and production tasks, the location status in the process of transportation, the current storage and use, the use and circulation of materials, and also view and analyze the role of RFID fire equipment materials, And put forward reference for the follow-up related work.

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