10+ Essential Flutter App Development Tools to Use in 2021
10+ Essential Flutter App Development Tools to Use in 2021
Top 10 Flutter app development tools for use in 2021. If you are confused about choosing the right app tool or looking to develop a new app, connect with us

Google revealed that nearly half a million developers use open-source UI framework flutter each month. Also, if you’re looking to paint your app to life, then the flutter framework is best. By using a rich set of fully customizable widgets, build a native interface in minutes. The study proves that nearly 60% of digital media usage comes from mobile apps. These numbers may change with times and app development.

Flutter is the best option in cross-platform app development. Today we are more dependent on mobile apps for day-to-day functioning. For doing any task, there’s an app we need to consider. However, the number of flutter app development tools is increasing. Let’s take a look at a few of the essential Flutter app tools.

Essential Flutter App Development Tools


1. Panache

It’s an open-source and browser-based theme editor for Flutter which allows creating customized and beautiful themes for Flutter app development. Using these flutter app tools, we can customize the colors of components and widgets. One can export the theme as a theme. dart file.

2. Codemagic

Its first flutters-focused tool was created by Nevercode. It can easily integrate with any tool to automate your whole build, test, and release pipeline. The tool is quite affordable and comes with an easy pay-as-you-go plan.

3. Visual Studio Code

It supports flutter development and provides extensive shortcuts for fast and efficient development. It is a highly recommended tool. Moreover, it includes Git control and debugging plugins. It comes with features to develop a flutter app.

4. Supernova

It is one of the powerful design-to-code tools that convert sketch and Adobe XD mobile design into native front-end code for iOS, Android, and React Native. If you’re planning to import app design, Supernova is best to handle asset that allows for editing the design and viewing code changes in real-time. Currently, we can find for Mac app but will soon be available.

5. Sylph

It’s an open-source command-line tool created by Maurice McCabe which essentially wraps around the AWS device farm. One can run flutter integration and end-to-end tests on hundreds of real iOS and Android devices.

6. Amplitude

The flutter app development tools, Amplitude is well-known for its in-app analytics tool. It helps to understand how users interact with your app. It’s a popular Flutter developer tool that helps to keep track of data and integrate with popular mobile app development.


It’s the best analytics tool to focus on security and data privacy. The free version allows for tracking basic metrics and KPIs. It shows how the app is performing and offer a paid version with more extensive metric sets. Whereas, the paid version is hosted on-premise in the Cloud by providing extra feature flags, and push notification features.

8. AppsFlyer

It’s a mobile attribution tool that helps to understand where the users are coming from. At the same time, it helps to know how to market channels and campaigns with performing across devices and integrating with more than 6000 media partners.

9. Airship

It is mostly a customer engagement platform that allows sending a push notification. It handles messages and engages the user with improving their conversion. Additionally, it creates an in-app message center that makes an in-app inbox and sends persistent messages to your user’s list.

10. WonderPush

It’s one of another type of push notification and an in-app messaging tool. It uses a flutter app to boost the engagement of your users. WonderPush is the best flutter app tool that comes with powerful features including segmentation, geo-targeting, and A/B testing for a very affordable price.

11. RevenueCat

It’s an in-app purchases and subscriptions management tool supporting Android, iOS, and Stripe. By using this RevenuwCat tool, you can easily manage in-app purchases and subscriptions. Track how your app is performing by measuring LTV, Churn, MRR, and more out of the box.

12. Square

It’s an in-app payment management platform that handles all the complexities that comes while processing payments for you. Using the flutter SDK, one can start receiving in-app payments through an easily customizable UI with support for digital wallets and stored cards for quick checkout.

13. Firebase

The tool offers the best flutter app ideas that make it easy to reflect a device’s screen activities onto a computer. It is done using a USB cable and does not require a data connection. For using this flutter app tools, one needs to install the Vysor Chrome extension.

How many conveniences do apps build with Flutter?

To clear the doubt, mobile app development is an on-going process. Even if we passed all the testing stage and deployed it into the market, it will continue to grow itself. Hire flutter developer who’ll consider the problem at hand, client’s needs, tool efficiency, cost, and performance of the application. Regular app updates will enrich the user experience and keep things interesting simultaneously.

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Wrapping up

The most efficient way to choose an app building software is to go slow and take time in deciding a tool. Please pay attention to the rate of functionality and its efficiency. As few apps work only on a particular platform like ITT and Android while others use cross-platform. Make sure to keep an eye on technical support. So, to get time to exercise an essential task of building an app.

By using the above-featured tools release the latest version of your app and keep up with building an exciting application. If you’re confused about choosing the right app tool or looking to develop a new app, connect with us. We have an expert team of Flutter for app developers who are ready to guide you and build a fantastic flutter app based on your requirements. Hire a Flutter App developer and give wings to your app idea.