Python Programming Course with Real-time Projects
Python Programming Course with Real-time Projects
If you are interested in learning Python for job roles like software development or data science then a Python Programming Course certification is useful for you.

The course will be of great value to the professionals who are preparing for any such roles. For that, you need to have an undergraduate degree or a high school diploma in any discipline, as per the acceptance levels applicable in the case of different countries.

Why is Learning Python Language and its Projects Important?

Python is a language that is growing very fast. It is very useful for applications like game development, web applications, machine learning, and scientific and numerical computation. Irrespective you choose to be a data analyst, machine learning engineer, or data scientist, learning Python is highly recommended.

Python offers high salaries and is very popular amongst developers. Python is a language that is considered to be universal.

Top10 Python Programming Real-time Projects

  1. Email Slicer- Email Slicer will be of much use in the coming days. To get the username and domain name from any email address Email Slicer is used.
  2. Contact Book- Contact Book is a command-line project and it is designed in a way that enables the user to save and find contact details like name, address, phone number, email address, etc.
  3. Tic-Tac-Toe AI Python Project- The game can be built by using the Pygame project. It enables the user to give the same kind of gaming experience which otherwise would be possible only by using a pen and paper. The modules to generate the graphics and sound are present in Pygame. 
  4. Hangman Game- It is a word guessing game. The user has to enter letter guesses and the number of guesses is limited. Hangman is one of the most interesting projects for beginners.
  5. Number Guessing- It is like a mini-game. You can choose a number from 1 to 100 and it gives you a hint. If the number chosen by the user is wrong, the score is reduced.
  6. Countdown Timer- The user is able to set a timer and when the time is up, it notifies.
  7. Rock Paper Scissors- The program works as a playmate. The user can make a move first and the program makes a subsequent move. The user can use an alphabet, an input, or the whole string. There is a function inbuilt into the program to check the validity of the moves made.
  8. Mad Libs Generator- It gives the most hands-on experience to students. For manipulating the user-inputted data it focuses on strings, variables, and concatenation.
  9. Binary Search- Binary search does the task of finding minute data. For example, if you select a number between 0 to 100 with a difference of 2 in ascending order, the program searches for the number in the list. If the number is found out in the first half of the list, the first half gets eliminated. The search goes on like this until all the numbers are found out.
  10. Calculator- To be familiar with a library like Tkinter and to perform different operations by creating buttons, this program is useful.

Benefits of Doing Python Programming Course

  1. Beginners in the programming field find Python very easy. It offers a high level of readability and is easy to learn. Those who are doing research also find it recommendable. 
  2. Be it big data, automation, or data mining, all platforms use Python for tasks in general.
  3. The Python coders are found to be more organized in comparison to those handling other programming languages like Java and C#. The environment that Python provides is more productive in nature.
  4. Python is in use to a greater extent across the globe. Updates for its new features are released from time to time. It provides several packages.
  5. There are many significant frameworks that have implemented development processes offered by Python.

List of Recommended Books for Python Programming Course

The people using Python have recommended a few books that you may find useful.

  1. Python Cookbook
  2. Learn Python the Hard Way
  3. Head First Python
  4. Python Programming: An Introduction to Computer Science

The use of Python is very widespread. Instagram, Google, Spotify, Netflix, Reddit, Quora, Uber, and NASA are some of the popular companies using Python.

About Python Exams for Python Programming Course

Python being a very popular programming language has many certifications and courses available for those aspirants who want to get their programming skills validated.  Python certification needs you to complete the course and clear the Python certification exam successfully.

By taking a Python Certification course, you can learn the concepts of Python. Along with that you also get to know about its libraries such as Scikit-learn, SciPy, NumPy, Matplotlib, and Pandas. Python’s applications, architecture, design philosophy, packages, and basics of scripts via practical sessions are learned by taking this course. The Python online course is suggested for beginners, intermediate learners, as well as experts. Right from the basics, it slowly takes you to case studies and real-world projects to get hands-on experience.

The live classroom sessions enable you to interact with the instructor in real-time. The instructors are experts in the field who prepare you methodically. They give you a real-time experience. The theoretical concepts are supported by exercises, coding practices, and case studies. The python programming course with real-time projects gives you knowledge about the various tools and techniques necessary to learn Python.

Once you successfully complete the course, you will get a course completion certificate from the educator of the course. There is only a course fee and there is no additional Python programming certification cost involved.


According to a developer survey conducted in 2018, Python is known as the most wanted programming language meaning that Python developers can earn a high salary compared to their peers in other programming languages.

The remuneration of a Python developer depends on many factors, the average salary is higher compared to other counterparts in this field. The popularity of the Python programming language has boomed and it has left PHP behind. The wide acceptance and demand have created a great scope for Python experts. However, the supply is on the lower side and that is the main reason behind the higher salaries of Python developers.