Tincture Packaging is Very Important in 2022! Why?
Tincture Packaging is Very Important in 2022! Why?
Tincture bottles or Tinctures Boxes are small glass bottles used to package essential oils and various liquid medicines. These bottles are great for the safe transportation and storage of these products.

Tinctures can be of numerous types. Sometimes, these can be essential oils. You may also have liquid medicines and extracts of plants like hemp and marijuana. So, we can divide them into different categories. Tincture bottles or Tinctures Boxes are small glass bottles used to package essential oils and various liquid medicines. These bottles are great for the safe transportation and storage of these products. For this reason, the packaging companies recommend additional protection in the shape of packaging boxes. For example, you can use 120ml bottles boxes for packaging tinctures available in 60 ml bottles. There are dozens of essential oils used globally. Therefore, there is a great demand for these small glass bottles.

You can find glass tinctures in homes, retail stores, shopping malls, and pharmacies. Also, these tinctures are usually available in boxed form. This outer packaging is not a waste, as it prevents the bottle from being damaged.

Why Do We Need Packaging Boxes For Tincture Bottles?

Special care must be taken with these bottles as they can easily break. They are fragile. Therefore, they must be transported with care, displayed in stores, and stored in cupboards.

This secondary packaging provides additional security to the product. Therefore, these boxes need to be durable and sturdy. These boxes are durable enough to protect the dye from damage. These boxes are often called dye boxes or dye packs.

Tinctures are not only for product safety but also for a beautiful presentation. You can customize these 60 ml bottle boxes to print all kinds of things like product descriptions, images, logos, slogans, etc.

The next important step after securing the product is to display the boxes well. When selling a product in a competitive marketplace, presentation is the key to grabbing the customer's attention. The better a product looks, the more likely it will lead to a sale. If presented well, your customers will surely respond better than your competitors in the market.

A good-looking tincture packet does three things

Tincture packets serve three important purposes. They protect products, provide beautiful displays, and promote brands. All three are important and match what one would expect from a tincture package.

We've talked about product safety and presentation, so let's talk about the brand-building part. Packaging should have a brand, which has become a market standard. It is recommended to put logos, slogans, and other brand details on the packaging.

These details not only attract attention but also increase brand awareness. People often forget the brand name but remember the logo. Plus, these branding details make the product look authentic. Therefore, it is best to provide the coloring box with proper branding. You need to apply proper branding not only to dye boxes but also to all product packaging.

The best way to implement this trinity of functionality in one package is to have a custom package. With custom packaging, you do not need to compromise. The reason is that an off-the-shelf box may not provide the quality you want.

Enhance Your Business Reputation In The Competitive Cbd Industry

If you are new to the cannabis industry and need to boost your business presence in today's competitive hemp industry, custom CBD tinctures can definitely be the right choice. Customizing your cannabis product packaging ensures the safety of your cannabis products. In addition to this, you can also enhance the reputation of your business in a competitive industry with attractive designs and modern packaging styles. These boxes can be attractively designed with your company logo to help your target audience identify your company's brand products on store shelves.

Customized Dye Packaging

With a custom box, you get the quality you need. All options are available. From the choice of material to the finish of the custom box packaging, all options are open to you, so you can choose the one that best suits your needs.


The choice of packaging material is very important. Dyes are usually made from kraft, cardboard, or corrugated cardboard for added durability. Each material has its advantages. For example, corrugated cardboard is highly customizable. On the other hand, white kraft paper is environmentally friendly. You can choose the material that best suits your design needs.

Pack Dye Boxes

Cork boxes are often used to pack dyes, but there is no clear definition of the packaging obligations for these boxes. There are many options, including sliders, two-piece boxes, and caps with stoppers.

Customized Sizes And Dimensions

Different sized tinctures require different sized packages. The great thing about custom tincture boxes is that they can be made in any size or specification you like.

Perfect printing.

Printing plays an important role in making packaging beautiful. It also helps to convey the right brand image on the packaging. You can implement different color schemes, themes, patterns, text, images, and more on the boxes for bottle packaging.


Grooming can improve the overall expressiveness of the package. You can choose from many finishes, including glossy, matte, spot UV, soft touch, and bronzing. To make your packaging exactly meet your requirements, you need the services of a professional packaging production and printing company. The sublimation boxes we offer can be attractively designed and customized. We can help you find custom packaging that is right for you.