10 Best Cannabis Seed Banks
10 Best Cannabis Seed Banks
As you sow, so you reap. The saying is true in the context of cannabis cultivation as well. As the passion for growing marijuana peaks, the importance of seed quality requires reinforcement to make sure the growers have a hearty harvest and a happy journey.

Cannabis growers today have it easy as they can instantly search and access seeds from several banks worldwide in just a touch. The problem, however, is identifying trusted vendors who can provide the premium quality of seeds that you are looking for. Best seeds convert to competent yield and unparalleled potency, which are desirable characteristics in your plant. So here we have gathered the ten best cannabis seed banks you can buy from that promise quality to make sure you have a good time growing cannabis.  


1. I Love Growing Marijuana  


ILGM is a true reflection of what a business passionate about marijuana can do better than everyone else. Apart from providing exceptional customer service that ensures loyalty, there is quite a parade of varieties and a free standard shipping option. 


The quality of the seeds is excellent, and the company provides a germination guarantee that naturally appeals to customers. ILGM also provides an array of information on the growing and maintenance of marijuana and 24/7 support for growers.


2. Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds 


AMS is effortlessly the leader in high-yield feminized marijuana seeds. The seeds express high germination rates, and achieving this success is easy while following their comprehensive germination guide. The booklet diligently covers the basics to support even novice enthusiasts in growing their passion for marijuana cultivation. 


3. High Supplies  


With over 50 different varieties of autoflowering, feminized, indoor and outdoor strains, High Supplies promises a seamless cannabis seed shopping experience. The website provides ample information on each strain apart from FAQs that ease the chopping process.  


The discounts and offers are also appealing deals that make growing cannabis on a budget possible. If you want to grab the best cannabis seeds online, then High Supplies is indeed a seed bank to bank on.  


4. Neptune Seed Bank  


Neptune Seed Bank offers a spectrum of strains under each auto-flowering, regular, and mixed seed. What keeps them apart is that they work with over 100 unique growers to make available the best genetics at economical prices. They specialize in providing genetically improved seeds with exceptional qualities to make the growing enjoyable, effortless, and fruitful. 



5. Herbies  


Herbies head shop is yet another fantastic cannabis seed bank that caters to urgent pot needs around the USA. They offer exceptionally quick processing and shipping of a wide variety of premium quality seeds. 

You can navigate the site to explore the massive range of options and strains that make it a go-to shop for cannabis seeds. The separate sections for discounted seeds and high-rated products make the hunt easy.  


6. Crop Kings 


Crop Kings seeds get the importance of creating a user-friendly UI to make shopping easy and exciting. The design instantly appeals to modern cannabis lovers who enjoy the intuitive experience of exploring the many seed varieties available at the store.  


The company promises a germination success rate between 80 - 100%. The detailed growing guides available for instant access make the journey fruitful and straightforward, especially for novice customers.


7. Ministry of Cannabis  


MoC is the leader in discounted premium cannabis seeds for growers across the globe. The company offers a wide range of strains that includes a few personal hybridized choices. They network with some of the best growers and seed banks globally, which enables them to identify the strains that appeal much to clients and produce them at economical prices. 


8. Gorilla Seeds  


If you are looking for express shipping across the United States, Gorilla seeds are the best choice. They hold stock of more than 300 feminized seed varieties of both regular and unique strains. The mixed packets in their offerings are quite an exciting choice to try.  


9. Seedsman  



Seedsman specializes in providing a spectacular array of strain choices between feminized, auto-flowering, and rare seeds. They are home to popular strains like Purple Haze, OG Kush, and White Widow seeds of top-notch quality. 


10. Seed Supreme


Seed Supreme presents a tremendous 3200 strains of high-quality feminized seeds delivered from licensed breeders across regions. They provide competent website filters that enable users to choose the appropriate strains based on capabilities.  





The quality of seeds you choose for your cannabis plant influences the yield and your experience growing the plant. Therefore invest in products from trusted seeds banks as above to ensure you have a heartful harvest and growing journey.