Here Are a Few Resume Making Tools You Should Know About
Here Are a Few Resume Making Tools You Should Know About
Here is a list of useful online resume building tools that would be beneficial in your job hunt!

Useful Online Resume Building Tools

While on your job-hunt, you might stumble into many hurdles and hardships. Finding a job is not an easy task. Especially in the highly-competitve and unpredictable job market of UAE, it makes it even harder to score a suitable job for yourself. There are many individuals in UAE who spend weeks, even months, just to find a suitable job or even get accepted for an interview. However, to make your job-hunting process easier and shorter, there are many useful tools out there that make your job-hunt not only effective but fun too! Here are a few tools every unemployed individual should be aware of:


Novoresume is an online CV building tool that has a large collection of pre-made customizable CV and resume templates that are easy to edit as much as you like. While it is not a complete free tool, many of features are quite useful and gets the job done easily such as the tips and corrections feature that pops up every time you make a mistake or leave something out in your CV and provides useful information how to fix it and make your CV stand out.


VisualCV is yet another high-quality online CV building platform that allows quite a few nifty resume building and editing features. The free version allows three unique pre-made CV templates while the premium version allows access to 15 more unique templates. VisualCV has a unique interface where it offers dual windows for users to edit.


If there’s a tool that is the most recognizable and renowned in the job market, then it undoubtedly is Zety. Zety is a leading tool in the online resume building market and offers one of the most customizable cv making app online. With an easy-to-use interface and a wide variety of tools & features, Zety proceeds to be the top online cv building tool on the internet. If you’ve been on a job hunt for a while and haven’t heard of Zety already, then you might be living under a rock.

Professional Resume Editing Services

While all these tools may come in handy and are very useful at times, an insight from a professional is neccessary at times. Companies in this modern day and age have become much more disciplined when it comes to recruiting and recruiting agents can sometime be quite strict when analyzing a CV. Even the most minor of mistakes can downgrade your CV by a lot. If you’ve tried all the tools and still not getting any results, then simply searching for ‘professional resume editing services near me’ would do the job. Getting your cv or resume edited by a team of professionals who would make it crystal clear to pass through an ATS test and appeal to the recruiter or employer helps greatly to achieve results quickly.