Is MTech in IoT a good investment for the future?
Is MTech in IoT a good investment for the future?
Are you looking forward for career in IoT? Read More Things You Must Know..........

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What is the Internet of Things (IoT)?

In its most basic form, the Internet of Things (IoT) refers to all computing devices that are linked to the internet. It is a network of responsive devices and everyday objects that would not normally be thought of as communicating with the internet, such as wearables, industrial machinery, motion sensors, and so on. These devices contain environmental sensors and other technologies that allow them to collect and exchange data without the need for human intervention.


Why is IoT important?

People can use the internet of things to live and work smarter, as well as gain complete control over their lives.

IoT gives businesses a real-time view of how their systems actually work, providing insights into everything from machine performance to supply chain and logistics operations. Companies can use IoT to automate processes and cut labor costs.

As a matter of fact, IoT is one of the most important technologies in everyday life, and it will gain traction as more businesses recognize the potential of connected devices to keep them competitive. 


Job Roles after MTech in IoT

  • IoT Engineer

  • Industry 4.0 Business

  • Analyst

  • Digital Transformation Specialist

Why Choose MSSU for MTech in IoT?

  • We provide 40% classroom & 60% Skills/on the Job

  • We provide Industry oriented curriculum

  • We prepare you for certifications that are globally relevant

  • Program Type: Full-Time

  • Course Duration: 2 Years

  • Fees: 2,12,000

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