What is the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on digital marketing?
What is the Impact of Artificial Intelligence on digital marketing?
Artificial Intelligence is a true wonder of technology. It primarily means the brain of machines.

Through progressive learning algorithms (PLAs), Artificial Intelligence empowers machines to think, behave, respond, learn & correct errors, and ultimately perform any task like humans. Artificial Intelligence has enhanced over time, and today, it has effectively made its way to our daily lives through Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, GPS trackers, traffic cameras, and many more.

AI helps businesses accelerate their growth by automating their process, providing a personalized user experience, and availing invaluable insights across various industries, such as advertising, banking, e-commerce, healthcare & medical, marketing, and many more. 


Yes, Artificial Intelligence is revolutionizing almost all industries as it is amenable in designing & implementation to perform distinct functions and leverage the desired outcomes. 


Due to this, we are now facing major transformation in the marketing and advertising industry in general and digital marketing in particular. 


Wondering how? Let us first see the application of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing and later its benefits and future scope. So, without further ado, let us get started. 


Application of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: 

1) AI-powered Interactive Chatbots: 


AI-powered chatbots effectively emulate humans 

  • Not only through the chat interface (like Amazon Lex, Azure Bot services, Google Dialogflow, and such) 
  • But also, through the speech interface (like Siri, Alexa, Cortana, Goggle Voice assistant, and such). 

AI chatbots can help you enhance the customer experience you deliver through digital marketing. You can add chatbots to your apps, emails, websites, or any messages to reach out and engage with your customers in a better way. 


AI-powered chatbots are very interactive and change their conversation approach based on responses from the other side. 


These bots can capture user intent, solve customer queries, grab leads, collect information, gather feedback, and many more, effectively than the passive web-based forms.


Also, the Artificial Intelligence language processing algorithms are becoming advanced over each passing day and effectively complement human intelligence in the customer service, sales, and marketing roles.


2) Personalized Product Recommendations: 


You must have experienced this: when you search anything online on any platform, you immediately start getting ads, recommendations, content, and so., similar to what you have searched across all platforms. 


Well, it is possible due to Artificial intelligence. Many websites (especially retail and e-commerce) use AI-powered predictive analysis tools to track their users' preferences and behavior. 


These predictive insights help them give you personalized product recommendations that you may want to purchase. These analyses also aid brands in making their marketing campaigns more personalized and engaging more people. 


Since customers respond more to personalized messages and interactive marketing, AI-powered tools are now necessary more than ever. 


3) AI-Powered Website Designing and Development: 


Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing also touches the web development and web designing field with the advent of various AI-powered website builders like Grid, Wix ADI, Jimdo Dolphin, FireDrop,, and many more. 


With such platforms, you now have to work only on the content, and rest everything from colors to animation to elements in webpages outlook is taken care of by them. 


Although currently, these AI-powered website building platforms are in their early stage, in the future, we can expect them to become more sophisticated and utilize them to the fullest. 


4) Content Creation at Scale: 


Content is at the heart of digital marketing. However, producing quality content at a large scale is very difficult and requires a chunk of time and resources.

And here, the AI-powered content generating tools like Articoolo, Quill, Wordsmith, and so, help you generate human-like content faster. These tools analyze over a thousand pieces of content amounting to several terabytes of data before producing the one for your websites.


Also, various AI-enabled content curation tools, like BuzzSumo and Concurred, help you produce short content, like social media. They help you analyze your existing content, find the trending content, recreate your existing content, schedule to publish, and plan your future content accordingly. 


Some popular brands like Washington Post, Forbes, and Associated Press are already using these AI-powered content creating and curating tools. 


Although there is plenty of application of Artificial Intelligence in digital marketing, we have seen some of the very notable ones. Now we will see the benefits of AI in digital marketing and its future scope: 


Benefits of Artificial Intelligence in Digital Marketing: 


With Artificial Intelligence, you can effectively enhance your digital marketing efforts by 

  • Know your audience effectively