Transparent data processing | Instrumentation and data collection
Transparent data processing | Instrumentation and data collection
Maxwell GeoSystems has created a world-leading software system for the display and interpretation of construction data.

Maxwell GeoSystems’ MissionOS provides its Clients a fully transparent data processing capability.


Fully Transparent Data Processing Aimed at Minimizing the Time from Measurement to End User

All MissionOS data is loaded and stored directly on the cloud based platform. A local staging server may be used for data collation as required. MissionOS processing is multi-layered. The final public site will show the data which passes built-in audit filters and manual review. Administrators can see all the data. We have developed very sophisticated tools to deal with imperfect data and avoid spurious warnings and alarms from being generated. All processing steps are completely transparent so that users can compare with manufacturers recommendations.

Management Interface

All data management can be undertaken online and is two tiered. Changes and edits and new data are first published to an intermediate layer where the implication of the change can be viewed and approved before releasing to the general user base.

All processing steps are completely transparent and processed data can be saved at each stage so that the implications of each processing layer can be seen and evaluated.

Data Entry and Presentation

Manual entry

Manual data can be entered directly into the database from anywhere connected to the internet by GPRS, 3G or better. This means that data can be presented and audited from the site.

File Management

Files of various types can be presented to the MissionOS which has an audit on entry functions to identify and deal with file and data errors.


All data entered into MissionOS goes through a two level system – at administrator level the user can see all the data including data entered by staff for approval. This must be reviewed and approved before release to the public site. The ability to upload and review data in the field improves the quality of data Correct – Incorrect data can be corrected in the system and the system will track the changes in the data with the name of the originator of the change and change date. In addition to simple corrections to typographic errors MissionOS has built in ergonomic features and functions to address many common sources of error in instrumentation data to ensure minimal delay getting data to end users.

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