Top Features Need To Integrate In Axie Infinity Clone Script
Top Features Need To Integrate In Axie Infinity Clone Script
Axie Infinity Clone Script to build your own NFT gaming platform like Axie Infinity

Axie Infinity Clone Script is a complete decentralized source code that is built on a blockchain network with gaming features and plugins that helps in launching their own NFT gaming platform like Axie Infinity. Our Axie Infinity Clone Software is completely customizable and can add or delete any features anytime based on your requirements and market trends. 

Features Need To Integrate In Axie Infinity Clone Script


The most important feature of Axie Clone Script is making the digital pets go to battle. The players who win the battle get exciting rewards.

The pets involved in the game have 6 parts such as eyes, ears, horn, mouth, back, tail, and piece, in which all the parts except eyes and ears can be used to attack & defend in the game.

Axie Breeding

The way through which players can upgrade their pets is known as Axie breeding. A new species of pet with mated genetics is formed through breeding which can be raised to involve in the battle against any player.


The Axie clone game has its own kingdom which is so-called 301*301 grid. Each spot on the specified grid is a tokenized plot and the players can purchase it anytime. The owners of any plot of land can upgrade & personalize the boundaries to host shops.

Native Tokens

This platform will have its own tokens that will provide users with governance attributes. When they earn governance rights, the users can provide suggestions for improvement in the platform. The players also get rights to vote on essential parameters of the platforms which include transaction fees and more.


It has its own marketplace where the NFTs can be traded effectively. These NFTs can be in the form of in-game assets such as fantasy creatures, accessories, pets, and so on.