Top Android App Development Companies in NYC
Top Android App Development Companies in NYC
Android App Development Companies in NYC

With the jump of the smartphone phone industry, we have seen growth in the development of portable application advancement companies across the United States. From building-related applications to games and enterprises, the uses in the current market are expanding rapidly. Android application developers in the United States are developing at a day-by-day rate and it is beneficial to hire one for your needs.


Without a doubt, Android is at the top when we talk about application advancement. With such advantages and benefits, the interest in Android application development and the fragment of top Android application developers has picked up tremendously.


Best android app development companies in NYC that are doing great in their area need to be monitored and need some recognition. Additionally, with the expanding interest in such firms, comes the commitment to select talented Android application designers and the best Android application development firm.


The following report lists the top 15 mobile application development companies in Newyork based on their rank. The ranking is based on various criteria calculated based on company size, performance, cost per project, the average cost per hour, demographics, experience, etc. Have a look.


Top Android App Development Companies in NYC :


1. FuGenX Technologies:


FuGenX Technologies is an award-winning Android app development company in NYC founded in 2008 in New York, zeroed in on the building and advertising startup portable applications. They have helped startups and businesses launch a variety of mobile apps from their inception.


They have successfully delivered many software development projects with an affordable cost and agile process, which has enabled them to attribute greater growth to the client's budget. They are always ready to adapt to the market and are always at the forefront of the mobile app scene.


2. Lounge Lizard:


Lounge Lizard is a very effective corporate website that also offers eCommerce websites, unique web applications, and diverse Endeavor applications. Their digital marketing division develops clever strategies that assist their clients in attracting, retaining, and establishing connections with customers via the web, social media, and email.


It was founded in 1998 and has expertise in e-commerce websites, information architecture, Shopify, Magento, and WordPress, as well as multi-platform website design and development, mobile app design and development, brand development and marketing strategy, touch screen user interface and UX design, and brand development.


3. Hyena Information Technologies:


Hyena Information Technologies is an ISO 9001:2008 certified Mobile apps development company in San Francisco, and New York, United States of America. It was founded in 2008, with more than 5 workplaces around the world Hyena has been providing native as well as composite applications for its customers for a long time.


Hyena has been taught over and over again in the reduction of universally realized and acclaimed application engineers; Through industry research organizations and affiliates. Hyena offers to complete programming administrations for web and portable steps.


4. Messaps:


Messaps is a full-service application development company that provides application advancement, planning, and counseling administrations for people who need to be effective. Headquartered in New York. Founded in 2013, they specialize in Android & iPhone App Design and Development, App Store Optimization, App Marketing, App Maintenance, and App Design.


5. USM Business Systems:


USM Business Systems is a full-service technology design and development firm located in Midtown Chicago. The group at USM combines all the fixings required for an effective innovation development organization. They have very skilled developers, architects, and testers, all enrolled through an astonishingly thorough interaction.


USM is an information technology and services organization and has a central command in Chicago, Illinois, United States. USM represents considerable authority in computerized showcasing, site improvement, programming development, and website optimization.


6. Creative360 :


Creative360 is a top-rated mobile application planning and improvement organization in New York City. They help business visionaries and new companies to accept ideas, conceptualize them and master the heavenly applications with externally excellent planning and impeccable backend engineering, they adopt a design-first approach to reduce risk, cost and time to market. They estimate their time through the project so that their clients don't suffer from additional costs.


7. TechnoSIP:


TechnoSIP is a leading New York-based supplier of advanced change enablement innovation to SMB, mid-market, and start-up organizations. They believe that client success is TechnoSIP success. TechnoSip is centered around mobile apps (iOS, Android, PhoneGap), large-scale trading applications, enterprise applications, e-commerce portals for a range of complex domains, and strategic technology solutions covering cutting-edge technologies like machine learning, and big data. Natural language processing etc.


8. Nolte:


Nolte launches and supports digital products, from sites and applications to administrations and business devices. We are a diverse, development-focused organization that uses our interests to fuel our careers. It has competence in strategy and UX, design, development, support, tech solutions, web and mobile, and web and mobile specialties strategy and UX, design, development, support, tech solutions, web and mobile, and web and mobile.


9. iTechArt Group:


iTechArt Group has grown significantly as an app development agency. Over time, it has incorporated every technology to create beautiful and interactive apps for users. The company's staff consists of some of the best app developers in NYC, who have the expertise to work in different industries and provide clients with the type of applications that are currently in demand.


10. Blue Label Labs:


Blue Label Labs has a great reputation as a mobile app development company in New York. The agency is one of the most progressive in its kind of projects, like creating an application called Muncheez for the cannabis community. Blue Label Labs' team of application developers helps their company be the best at what they create. Be it design or development, the company excels in both departments with on-time delivery and spot-on maintenance.




We all know how important a mobile app is to business success these days. However, the foundation of app development success is a reliable mobile app development company that can add value to its clients. A leading mobile app development company adds value to its clients and helps others in the industry to provide advanced mobility services to their customers.


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