The Architecture Behind Decentraland
The Architecture Behind Decentraland
Explore the architecture of decentraland

The Architecture Behind Decentraland

Decentraland Foundation was founded by Esteban Ordano and Ariel Meilich in 2015 on the Ethereum blockchain. At first, they launched the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to provide a fully decentralized platform to users. It is a perfect virtual platform that holds real estate parcels, items, etc, 

This platform lets you to

1. Explore Incredible scenes 
2. Create Scenes and artwork with advanced SDT
3. Trade NFTs 

Decentraland Architecture

Ethereum Smart Contracts form many-layered Components in Decentraland. The Digital Ledger tracks the land parcel ownership. Each Land Parcel is encrypted with the corresponding virtual land, owner, and content description. 

The Layer includes files like

Content Files: To Refer all audios and videos in static
Script Files: Define the behavior and character of content
Interaction Definition: Responsible for P2P Interactions like voice, chat, etc, 

In the recent days, Decentraland gains huge popularity, many cryptopreneurs out there are willing to start their own Metaverse NFT Platform like Decentraland. With Deep Analysis and research, Bitdeal has developed feature rich Decentraland Clone Script


What is Decentraland Clone Script ?


Decentraland Clone Script is the white label NFT marketplace script that promotes a fantastic virtual world experience to users just like decentraland. It’s a kind of custom source code that enables Cryptopreneurs to build a Virtual Metaverse NFT platform on any kind of blockchain with specific features and functionalities where one can create scenes, trade lands, names, avatars, etc.


Blockchain-based smart contracts act as a power source to create an ecosystem where the ownership of lands is authorized with NFTs and that can be traded later.


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