How Does Decentraland Clone Script Work?
How Does Decentraland Clone Script Work?
Decentraland clone script to start a NFT Gaming platform like Decentraland

How Does Decentraland Clone Script Work?

Decentraland Foundation was founded by Esteban Ordano and Ariel Meilich in 2015 on the Ethereum blockchain. At first, they launched the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) to provide a fully decentralized platform to users. It is a perfect virtual platform that holds real estate parcels, items, etc, 

Other than the virtual world and gaming environment, it has released a marketplace for users with drag and drops editor to access scenes this Marketplace lets Participants to trade LAND tokens which are labeled as MANAOne can use this marketplace to transact parcels and game items. All kinds of transactions are verified in the Ethereum network

Thus Decentraland has witnessed huge popularity in recent days and its success inspires many out there to kick start their own NFT Gaming Platform just like Decentraland. This need among cryptopreneurs paved the way for the development of  Decentraland Clone Script.

The Platform build by decentraland clone script works the same as decentraland 

Traders View

· At first, one needs to create an account 

· Load the crypto wallet with MANA 

· Other than trading, the user needs to be active in games and other activities

· One can buy LAND with MANA

· The LAND holder can monetize their NFT if they want to

Creators View

· Needs to create an account

· Fill up the wallet with MANA

· Create Scenes, Artwork with Advanced SDT

· Create it as NFT 

· Trade NFTs