How Call Center Solutions Routing Feature will Help in Customer Service?
How Call Center Solutions Routing Feature will Help in Customer Service?
Call routing services can prevent you from losing business due to dreadful
on-call waiting and ensure that your customer service is up to par.

The contact center is an organization's primary department for customer satisfaction, acquisition, and retention. You must use call routing services to ensure that your customer service is up to par and that you are not losing business due to dreadful on-call waiting.


There are several touchpoints that are considered customer service performance metrics, and using the right call center solution will help you improve them. Among these touchpoints are:


    How long did the caller have to wait?

    Was their issue entirely resolved?

    Were they routed to the correct representative?


Continue reading to learn which call routing type is best for your company and how it can benefit your operations!

Call Routing System and Its Working

A Call Routing System is essentially an Automatic Call Distributor (ACD) that delivers calls to the appropriate organization while removing needless obstacles and hindrances.


The call distribution is based on predefined criteria and regulations, and it is a critical element for your business or customer support staff that gets inbound calls on a daily basis. The call routing service's procedure is broken into three major segments.


The first stage is known as Caller Input. During this phase, clients activate your IVR system by dialing or speaking in response to the pre-recorded questions posed by your call center software.


Call Queuing is the following stage. During the queuing phase, automated call distributors route your customer's call to the appropriate queue. This is where they will wait before speaking with an agent or department. These queues will be created based on your questions.


The final stage is call distribution. This is the last stage of call routing in a call center solution, in which calls are routed to agents and departments based on predefined criteria and regulations. The technology routes calls to certain departments and agents in this manner.

Different Types of Call Routing

There are various techniques of call routing. The type you choose is totally dependent on your company's requirements. Let's look at some of the many methods of call routing:

Uniform Call Routing

In this type of routing, the call is sent to the agent who has been available the longest. When they answer the phone, the following call is routed to the next agent with the most availability.

Regular Call Routing

This sort of routing requires you to design a certain order, and it is regarded as an efficient method of call distribution.

Round Robin Call Routing

Because calls are allocated equally throughout the whole call center crew, this is an equitable and reasonably fair way to call distribution. As a result, everyone has an equal opportunity, and no one is burdened with the danger of failing.

Simultaneous Call Routing

In more fast-paced corporate contexts, this is regarded an even superior technique. Every user's phone rings at the same moment, which aids in the resolution of the wait.

Weighted Call Routing

This sort of call routing system has a set ratio. At the conclusion of the day, the ratio must equal 100%, indicating that all calls and inquiries were responded.


Impact of Call Routing on Customer Service Performance

Whether your company is small or large, call center routing techniques are essential for increasing revenue and improving brand image.


Here are six ways a call routing system may improve customer service in your contact center


Connecting with the Right Agents

No one can dispute that being shifted from department to department is irritating. When the intervals between are long, the situation worsens.


A contact center intelligent routing, also known as Smart IVR, is one of the best phone systems for call routing, connecting the consumer immediately to the appropriate department or person. As a result, it not only helps you achieve happy customers, but it also helps you enhance crucial call center metrics like FCR (First Call Resolution) rates.


Quick Call Transfer

We are all aware that no one enjoys waiting. The usual call wait time is 20 seconds, and anything longer can have a significant impact on your sales performance and brand perception.


To avoid such bad scenarios, call center software are now offering routing systems. These are meant to automatically route incoming calls to the next available agent without having the consumer wait needlessly or passing the customer through numerous operators may be readily implemented.


This procedure may help improve your customer service performance evaluation by improving contact center statistics such as AHT and average time in line.

Better Communication Quality

A well-established call routing system, in conjunction with a well-integrated CRM system, will assist you in ensuring great connection with your callers.


After the call is forwarded to the best-fit agent, the agent will be able to readily check up past discussions with the caller and tailor their trip, resulting in higher service levels.

Easier to Close More Deals

Assume your consumer promptly contacts the appropriate department and their problem is resolved on the first call. Will this increase the odds of conversion? Sure, of course! Customers will be amazed by your efficiency and quickness, and they will want to engage with your brand. After all, what's better than resolving a problem over the phone?

Provide Localized Experience

Call routing can help you increase client satisfaction and increase your chances of making a transaction. Having personalised numbers might help you build business relationships in local areas. Customers will feel more at ease dialing a local number rather than an international number. This helps people relate to the business and have less reservations about it later on.


You do not have to be in a certain location to use local agents. With geo-routing, you may always create a virtual number and an agent based on the market you serve. The agent will be accessible throughout the timezone and business hours of that location. This will help you acquire your callers' confidence and turn their calls into purchases.


Try acquiring a toll-free number—customers are more enticed to call when it is free.


All of your calls may be monitored full-time by an executive or manager to assist them in identifying customer service performance metrics. These indications, together with measurements, will assist managers in making educated decisions.


They may monitor how agents handle each call and re-route every call based on priority. This will also assist managers in evaluating customer service performance measurements and how they can further improve their services to ensure that they never miss a business call, improve customer service, and increase total sales.


Wrapping It Up

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