Features need to integrated on Pancakeswap
Features need to integrated on Pancakeswap
pancakeswap clone to start a DeFi based Exchange like Pancakeswap

PancakeSwap is one of the famous DeFi based Protocol which aims to provide Automated Market Making (AMM) by being a #1 liquidity provider. Many Business person out there are willing to start their own DeFi based Exchange like Pancakeswap. With Keen Understanding and analyzeing, we have developed Pancakeswap Clone Script for budding cryptopreneurs.

What is Pancakeswap clone Script ? 

Pancakeswap Clone Script is a fully tested and bug-free DeFi DEX Clone script. It can be deployed on Binance Smart Chain to create a fully decentralized DeFi DEX Platform Like Pancakeswap. The Pancakeswap Clone Script comes as a readymade DeFi DEX platform script that lets anyone launch their own food-themed DEX protocol with both DeFi & NFT marketplace powered by BEP20 Token swapping support 

Features of Pancakeswap Clone 


Our script is inherited with options to swap BEP 20 tokens and the users can earn the native token of the platform.


The platform’s users can stake and farm LP tokens to earn the native token of the platform as farming rewards.


  The platform is inbuilt with the pools through which users can add liquidity to the pools by  exchange or staking of tokens. 


Using this feature users can trade BEP 20 tokens and other tokens on the platform. 


The users of the platform & holders of native tokens have the right to vote for updates and corrections on the platform.


Users can buy lottery tickets and win the rewards if the number on their lottery matches with the winning lottery.


Our Pancakeswap Clone Script is inbuilt with NFTs through which platform users can earn