5 Must Know Terms for Cryptocurrency Traders
5 Must Know Terms for Cryptocurrency Traders
Know the must needed terms for crypto traders

In 2020, Crypto Industry cracked the sky and bitcoin has reached its historical price 40K USD which pulls people around the globe towards crypto industry. There is no specific courses or universities to teach the trading methodologies and strategies. This is the kind of self-made skill But by knowing and understanding some terms will let you play your role better in crypto space.

FUD – (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt)

It is the common term used in the financial market to discredit the certain company. In many cases, the information turns out to be false, or at the very least misleading. In some cases, however, it turns out to be true. It’s always good to try to consider all sides of the argument. It can be helpful to think about what incentives people can have by publicly sharing certain opinions.

Fear Of Missing Out (FOMO)

Fear of Mission Out (FOMO ) is the heavy emotion which drives traders to buy assets in folk in the fear of missing out the profit. When emotions are rampant, many investors may jump into positions out of FOMO. This can lead to extended moves in both directions and may trap many traders who try to counter-trade the crowd.


HODL is the term origin in the Bitcoin Talk Forum. It is the crypto equivalent of Buy and hold strategy. It refers to holding the cryptocurrencies for the short term. Buy and hold investors try to find undervalued assets and hold on to them for a long time. Many investors adopt this strategy for Bitcoin.


It is the term that refer the community of people who strongly believe in the crypto eco-system despite of price fluctuations. . In this sense, “BUIDLers” genuinely care about what blockchain and cryptocurrencies can bring to the world, and they are actively working towards this goal.

ATH (All Time HIgh)/ATL (All Time Low)

ATH is the all time highest price of the particular asset. ATL is the all time lowest price of the particular asset.

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