10 Project Management Skills To Expect From IT Staff Augmentation Hiring Model
10 Project Management Skills To Expect From IT Staff Augmentation Hiring Model
Hiring project managers temporarily from the IT staff augmentation is simple, effective, and budget-friendly. Refer to imperative hard and soft skills of a project manager before augmenting.

A strategic project management process ensures software project's success. Be under the leadership and supervision of an expert project manager, meet deadlines & development guidelines. In case of lacking an expert PM (project manager) in the team, hire one temporarily using the IT staff augmentation hiring model. Avail necessary skills to strategize, plan, innovate, track, and motivate the internal team.


Software development tends to be complex and multifaceted at times. Depending on the requirements, some extra efforts are required from your team's side. All the more important is performing strategic planning, framing guidelines, budgeting, dispersing responsibilities, and timeline. As part of the project management, it further involves the usage of distinctive policies, principles, and procedures.


Well, all such things are hard to imagine and execute without the supervision of an expert project manager in your team. But what if the current PM is not available at the moment or might be on leave. In such a scenario, hire project managers temporarily for a particular software project by using the IT staff augmentation model.


You might have read or heard that staff augmentation is an external resource hiring service for enterprises to get valuable technical talent with ease. Not just developers, designers, testers, and DevOp engineers, you can also hire project managers of respective experience and expertise.


A project manager who must be a jack of all trades must possess essential skills to ensure your software development project success. Here, you will come across ten valuable skills to look into for IT contract staffing specifically for the project manager's profile.



Ten imperative skills of a project manager


A project manager is a highly responsible professional who must possess distinctive hard and soft skills.


Project Management Hard Skills


 1. Project Management Methodologies


An expert PM must have a clear idea and practical knowledge experience of different project management methodologies. He must know several trending methodologies like Agile, Waterfall, Scrum, Prince2, Lean, and others to ensure sure shot project success.


 2. Team Management Skills


Undoubtedly, project management is all about the seamless collaboration of a team comprising of different talents. Even if you are hiring a project manager from a reliable IT staff augmentation company, then professional should have worked with teams earlier. This professional must know how to keep everyone in the team on the same page, work collaboratively, value ideas, and keep up morale high. 


 3. Effective Time Management


Time is one of the imperative constraints for the successful software development aspect. Not having prior time management skills lead to project delays and missing deadlines. Concerning the same, a project manager makes sure to get the deliverables well on time.


 4. Project Planning


Software project planning is the foundation of the project lifecycle. While searching for a proficient project managed from the staff augmentation model, keep this skill at the top place. A professional PM must possess planning expertise to create strategic schedules and resources and determine the development cost.


 5. Scheduling


Project scheduling is another part of software development. It comprises scheduling the team's tasks, defining timelines, and organizing tasks. When you think of hiring a contractural project manager, do take care of the scheduling skill of a professional partner.


6. Budgeting


The software development budget is the fuel that drives the whole project efficiently. Project management is more on the conceptualization side, whereas budgeting is an action-oriented thing. Concerning the same, your next project manager must be aware of budgeting appropriately for a particular project based on requirements and available resources.


 7. Risk Management


No matter big or small, every software project has some inherent risk associated with the same. It is the responsibility of an experienced project manager to ascertain the risk and manage it carefully and control the same accordingly.


 8. Documentation Skill 


A versatile PM must be good at writing and preparing project-specific documentation for the whole team. Documentation is an essential part of your software development project that comprises guidelines, risks, processes, and other things.


 9. Task Analysis


Tasks are little or major jobs particularly assigned to respective team members from the hands of a project manager. They need to be created, organized, scheduled, and assigned as per the expertise and skills of a particular member.


 10. Problem-Solving Skills 


Your project manager must be an efficient problem-solving expert to prevent grievances, internal issues, and technical problems. Look for this particular skill in your contractual PM that ensures seamless collaboration across distinctive team members.


Project Management Soft Skills


In addition to the relevant hard skills that project managers must possess. Also look at numerous soft skills.


· A project manager must be having potential leadership skills to drive the whole team towards success.

· An effective project manager communicates clearly, and logically and relies on different mediums to share and receive ideas and provide assistance.

· Being good at negotiation is an additional soft skill trait of a project manager.

· PM must have the ability to organize different members working on a particular project into one whole production team.


Wrapping Up


Now you must have got the idea of skills to look into while hiring project managers by using the augmentation model. Thus, it's time for you to equip with the right managerial talent required for a particular project temporarily. Get in touch with a leading IT staff augmentation company OrangeMantra to hire PM of different expertise and industry-level experience. Also, refer to the previous work of augmented project managers before making the final decision.