Thomas Engineering Consultants
Thomas Engineering Consultants
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Thomas Engineering Consultants

Thomas Engineering Consultants (TEC) provides accurate and reliable structural evaluations, foundation inspections, and home inspections for clients across North Texas.
Purchasing a home? Gain a snapshot of the foundation with a TEC home inspection. We include baseline foundation measurements to help differentiate between normal settling and possible structural damage.
Concerned about foundation damage in a home that you already own? Contact TEC for an unbiased evaluation by a Licensed Professional Engineer. We are not in the business of construction or foundation repair. Instead, we apply our 20+ years of engineering education and experience to provide you with an accurate assessment of your foundation problem using foundation engineering principles.
North Texas is a dynamic area where most homes are built on a slab, and our varying weather can have a significant impact on foundations as the ground contracts and expands. Our expert engineer can evaluate a situation and provide you with an unbiased opinion prior to calling a foundation repair company. We have been able to save our clients thousands of dollars by avoiding unnecessary repairs, while at the same time making repair recommendations that protect the integrity of the structure.