Pharma Sales Force Automation
Pharma Sales Force Automation
SANeForce provides best Pharma SFA software for a field force of Pharma and Healthcare Industry with vast experience. Mobile sfa app of SANeForce compatible on iOS and Android makes it the most efficient SFA and Top pharma SFA provider.

Best Pharma SFA (sales force automation) Software Vendor

SANeForce offers SFE, SFA, CRM, CLM services for pharmaceutical, FMCG and the healthcare industry for the past 15 years with more than 100,000 users. Our services enable pharmaceutical companies in being ahead of the changing market dynamics. It is a robust way to effectively pursue and achieve its business objectives. Our product allows the Sales team to target, prioritize, assess physician needs and develop solutions around those needs. The key competencies of field force can be assessed for better performance. Our analysis transforms the field force into a customer-focused field organization. Reporting made simple and on-the-go via Web, Mobile, and Tablet for the field force to spend more time on promoting the product. 

Our various facilities are Mobile App, eDetailing with CLM, GEO Tagging, Geo-Fencing and Offline Reporting on Mobile App. For more info visit and schedule your free demo!