Crooked Digital Marketing Agency in Bhubaneswar
Crooked Digital Marketing Agency in Bhubaneswar
Any business worth the name, needs a digital address. But figuring out the best way to market yourself in this age of ever evolving technology can be confusing. At Crooked Digital Marketing Agency who offer a host of solutions to your digital marketing needs, so you can focus on your business and still reap the benefits of online advertising.

SEO Services

Search Engine Optimization is the basic building block for online marketing and promotion. Basically every form of marketing begins here.. From analyzing strategic keywords, to developing quality links that will elevate your website’s rankings, SEO services play a key role. In no way, will this be an overnight success, but with our level of experience in this field, rest assured your patience will be rewarded.

Content Marketing

The consumer today is smart and aware of what they need. By delivering customized content to the right audience, we can ensure maximum visibility and ROI. We study businesses, identifying key points and values that may not be immediately noticeable to the layman, and then build our content based on your USP. This is accompanied by a thorough study of the market, your key audience and of course keeping in mind your competitors. Armed with unique content we ensure that starting from your website to your social media, every point of visibility gets noticed. TIG Media team is well versed with various forms of content creation, be it email marketing, infographics, video marketing and social media posts.

PPC Services

Advertising is everywhere. And where your ads appear is important. With Pay Per Click campaigns you can maximize your reach to the targeted audience, generating higher ROIs. With our SEO services, we will help you ascertain the right keywords to invest on and based on this data we can take a call to run either a short term or long term PPC campaign. Google Ads, Microsoft Ads, YouTube advertising etc are some of the well known areas where PPC is managed by us. You no longer have to worry about managing the bids on keywords, tracking the click-through rates or analyzing the search volumes and competitor positions.

Social Media Marketing

In today’s age, even our pets are on social media! Investing in social media marketing is needless to say, a guaranteed good decision. But once more the question arises, how to curate the content on the many platforms on offer? How to manage paid social media campaigns and how to go viral? With our team of creative content creators, you will never have to worry about your social media page again. With an eye to sound appealing to the target group, we develop the ideal social media presence and ensure that with unique content and interactive sessions the excitement is kept alive.