Crooked Branding Agency in Bhubaneswar
Crooked Branding Agency in Bhubaneswar
In a bid to grow a business, branding often takes a setback and companies are often unable to lock in the market potential. Crooked Branding Agency in Bhubaneswar who understand the basics of branding, reaching out to the most fundamental level, we help you identify the core values, and create a powerful brand image,

Brand Strategy :

The first step goes into designing the blueprint. The goal is to identify the USP, decide how to play it to its maximum potential, carry out a thorough research and then review it again. All the intangible factors like the core values, the brand principles are combined with the tangible data based on market surveys and analysis to create a unique design for your brand.

Brand Identity :

TIGMEDIA Brand Identity Agency in Kerala is the tangible manifestation of the brand, something you can touch and see and hear.  It involves everything beginning from conceptualizing a logo, deciding on the color palette, the content, and the website design. The look and feel of the brand is what creates your identity. This is how consumers recognize your name,

Brand Awareness:

The next part comes to making the brand identity a household name. Like we are more familiar with Xerox rather than photocopying, we say Google it, rather than saying search something online. A lot of work goes into reaching this level in branding, such that the customer identifies the very service with your brand name. Ranging from various platforms like social media, influencer marketing, local partnership and campaigns, brand awareness is created.

Brand Marketing:

The larger part of creating brand awareness is derived from creative marketing strategies. In today’s fast-paced world with a plethora of technology at our disposal, we are no longer limited to print and TV ads alone. It is not enough to just have a verified account on social media, it’s the which  that counts more. Rather than wasting resources going on every platform, the key is to identify the media that is best suited for your target audience. A dating app will have no takers for a hyped social media presence in say LinkedIn!

Our branding strategy

TIG Media boasts of a satisfied clientele that stand proof to the fact that our branding strategies have been creative, consistent and cost-effective. We know how to balance brand integrity with brand marketing.