Boost Ecommerce Business
Boost Ecommerce Business
Utilize the above-described tips to expand your holiday sales and ensure a great festive experience for your top ecommerce platform in India,US,UK

A significant number of consumers prefer best ecommerce platform for buying various products over visiting physical stores. If recent surveys are to be believed, then more than 27% of respondents in India perform 50% of their shopping activities online. The revenue generated from the best ecommerce platform in India is believed to reach US$ 120 billion by 2020 from what was around US$ 30billion in 2017.

And with festival season witnessing an escalation in online traffic, to make your online store the best ecommerce platform India here are some effective tips to follow.

Surveys point that by the end of 2021, the number of buyers for global best ecommerce platform will reach 2.14 billion. And to be a part of this growing ecommerce world and boost your online business during the festival season start with early advertising. Since festival promotional campaigns tend to be of short-span, the early you start advertising, the better response you are to receive.

According to a recent study, almost 18.5% of respondents ageing between 25 to 34, prefer shipping discounts when it comes to online buying. Around 70% of online buyers keep on adding items to their shopping cart just to eligible for free shipping.