Period care routine Bikini Underwear
Period care routine Bikini Underwear
These days, everyone is striving to do their part to live more sustainably. But what if you could cut back on tons of plastic waste every year just by switching to more sustainable period products? All it takes is some easy and minor adjustments to your monthly period care routine, like changing to a reusable menstrual cup and leakproof underwear to get you started.

If you experience a period, you’re probably well accustomed to pads and tampons. But pads and tampons contribute to a ton of unnecessary waste in our environment every year. And we all know how vital trying to live a more sustainable lifestyle is for our planet. By making some easy switches to your monthly period care routine, you can reduce waste from period products, which negatively impact the environment. By switching to a reusable silicone menstrual cup, you can do your part to cut back on plastic waste as well as save yourself a significant amount of money over time. Follow this guide to start practicing sustainable habits in your period care routine.

In addition to making sustainable choices with your period care routine, another eco-friendly option worth considering is incorporating bikini underwear into your wardrobe. Bikini underwear, particularly those made from sustainable materials, offers comfort and style while aligning with environmentally conscious practices.

Swap Your Tampons for a Reusable Menstrual Cup

Swapping out your single-use period products for a reusable period cup is an excellent way to instantly cut back on your waste. A period cup is inserted similarly to the way a tampon is. And the best, high-quality cups are made with soft, medical-grade silicone. However, instead of absorbing your monthly flow, your cup will catch and collect it just below your cervix. A menstrual cup can hold up to four times the amount of blood that a tampon can, making it the ideal choice for all-day protection. Some cups can be used for up to 12 hours and can last up to 10 years. When you switch to a cup for period flow, you replace a lot of disposable period products with just one cup that you can keep using for years and years.

Invest in Some Period Undies

You don’t ever have to feel that panicked drop in your stomach after a sneeze or a hard laugh while on your period anymore. Leakproof underwear is the secret to genuinely worry-free periods. Period underwear is designed with light, regular, and high absorbency so you can stay protected no matter what kind of flow is normal for you. Forget about all of those disposable pads that feel bulky sitting in your underwear. You can even get period protection in all of your favorite panty designs, from high waist silhouettes to thongs. Leakproof underwear can help get you through your period without unnecessary waste.

Donate Your Leftover Products

Chances are you have a stockpile of traditional feminine products ready to go for when your next period hits. But just because you’re prepared to adopt a sustainable lifestyle when it comes to your period care doesn’t mean you should just throw those products out. You should donate any leftover products you have to people who might need them. Seek out shelters or organizations looking for feminine hygiene donations to help those in need. Even if you feel ready to make a sustainable change in your life, your supply of products can still do some good for someone else.

About Saalt

Saalt understands that everyone who has a period has a different experience. So why not create sustainable period care that changes that experience for the better? Saalt offers period cups, menstrual discs, and leakproof underwear for anyone who has a period. You can cut down on plastic waste and put an end to panicked trips to the bathroom and the old sneaky sweater trick when you switch to a Saalt product. Saalt’s cups and discs are made with comfortable, soft, medical-grade silicone and offer up to 12 hours of period protection. With all of the information provided by Saalt on their website, you can easily learn the ins and outs of reusable period care, how to insert your Saalt cup or disc, and