Vacuum Therapy - Non-Surgical Breast Enlargement and Butt Lift
Vacuum Therapy - Non-Surgical Breast Enlargement and Butt Lift
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Vacuum Therapy - Non-Surgical Breast Enlargement and Butt Lift

In our time, every woman may dream of having beautiful and elastic breasts. Almost everyone, regardless of age, strives to comply with modern "beauty standards." Perhaps this is why promotional marketing strategies praising the miracles of breast enlargement drugs are always effective. Vacuum breast enlargement therapy that can be performed in salons and homes has recently received particularly positive publicity. What is this and is it so easy to use? Let us figure it out through the following aspects.


What is Vacuum Therapy?

Vacuum therapy is a therapy technique that uses pressure below normal atmospheric pressure to act on individual organs, tissues, and bones. In the earliest days, ancient healers usually used jars for this kind of vacuum therapy. With the continuous development of technology, clinics or beauty salons can now use professional vacuum therapy machine for this therapy. Vacuum therapy not only helps to increase blood circulation, relax muscles, and relieve spasms but can also be used as a non-surgical therapy for breast enlargement and butt lift.


Initially, the device was used to treat soft tissues, but later it began to be used for vacuum breast enlargement and buttocks. The device itself consists of two vacuum cups, which are attached to the breast and secured with a bra. A vacuum is created in the cup by evacuating air. This will put a certain pressure on the breast tissue, increase arterial blood flow, swell the blood vessels, and move plasma to other adjacent tissues. Due to this process, an increase in bust circumference was observed.


What are the benefits of vacuum therapy for the chest?

The consequences of vacuum therapy breast massage are usually very positive, as it is only suitable for women who have no contraindications to this method.

Vacuum therapy can bring these women:

·Improved breast tone.

·The skin becomes more elastic and comfortable to the touch.

·The shape of the breast has been greatly improved.

·The metabolism is activated.

·Cell aging slows down.

·The volume of the breast increases.

To obtain effective results, we recommend that patients need 10-15 vacuum therapy. You need to take a day off between each therapy session. The specific number of therapy courses and therapy plans need to consult relevant professionals.


Other indications for vacuum therapy

Before vacuum therapy was used in breast enlargement and buttock treatment, it was originally widely used in massage treatments on various parts of the body. for example:

1. Vacuum therapy acts on the back, helping to cope with pain, bending, muscle strain of the cervical, thoracic and lumbar spine, as well as:




·Humerus-frozen shoulder;

·Cervical-brachial syndrome;

·Low back pain.

Patients who treat the spine and joints in this way require 10-15 treatment sessions. They are treated every 3-4 days. To maintain the effect, it is recommended that patients repeat the course of treatment every 2 months.

2. Vacuum therapy is also suitable for hypertension, gastric ulcer, gastritis, gynecology, and urinary system diseases. This treatment technology allows you to deal with various neurological problems, such as:


·Chronic fatigue;



·Migraine, etc.

3. As maintenance therapy, vacuum therapy is suitable for cerebral palsy, early stage of heart failure, vegetative-vascular dystonia, chronic bronchitis and pneumonia, neurodermatitis, and skin diseases.

4. In terms of beauty, vacuum therapy is used to combat obesity, cellulite, and stretch marks. Due to this massage, the tension of the abdominal muscles increases, and the double chin gradually disappears. These treatments help prevent signs of premature skin aging.

A professional vacuum therapy machine is equipped with vacuum cups of different sizes, and the appropriate vacuum cup can be selected according to the size of the area that the patient needs to be treated.


What are the contraindications for vacuum therapy?

Like any other massage method, vacuum breast massage has some contraindications to be aware of. This is why it is necessary to consult experienced experts before treatment. So, who is not suitable for vacuum therapy?

·People with damaged skin, especially if there are pustules or other types of acne on the chest.

·Patients suffering from viruses or infectious diseases.

·Cancer patient.

·People with cardiovascular disease.

·There is a blood clot in the treatment area.

·Persons with a bleeding tendency.

·Patients with coagulopathy.

·People with lung diseases (including pneumonia).


Comments on Vacuum Breast Enhancement Treatment

Patients who have undergone vacuum therapy have very diverse comments on vacuum breast enlargement therapy. Some people try to do a similar treatment at home, but it is quite difficult to perform because you need to be very careful during the treatment. Therefore, we suggest that it is best to perform vacuum breast enlargement therapy in a salon with the help of professionals or perform vacuum therapy at home after receiving professional guidance.

Many women will notice that their breasts become larger immediately after the first treatment. Sometimes, the pain caused by vacuum therapy will occur under the breast and the area where the corset bones pass. This is a normal phenomenon. This pain will disappear within a period after the treatment is over, so the patient does not need to worry too much.