Try These On-Trends Nail Colors for Your Winter Manicures
Try These On-Trends Nail Colors for Your Winter Manicures
On those cold, dark winter days, settle in with home manicures and pretty nail polish colors. From metallic and glittery to bright and bold hues of the moment, there’s an endless variety of on-trend colors that are sure to make you happy. Just don’t forget to apply a gel top coat for chip-resistant, long-lasting manicures. Make your own nail statement this year.

If you’re here for new nail shades, you’ll love what’s ahead in 2022. With the new year and winter colliding, it’s the perfect time of year to polish up your nails and try out all the gorgeous, on-trend colors. There’s plenty to get excited about with your winter home manicures, whether you’re into bright, bold hues or soft, subtle shades. Make your own statement and choose what’ll make you happy through the coldest days of the year. Here’s a roundup of some of the best nail colors to try this winter.

Dive In: Deep and Dark

It’s not winter without your classic dark nail polishes in shades of purple, red, and blue that you’ve never quite seen before. The latest dark hues are mesmerizing, from deep, rich blues to deep, berry purples. A glossy black is another favorite—it’s like your little black dress but in a manicure. Other popular dark winter colors this year include metallic emerald colors and vintage reds. As a tip, be sure to use an acetone-free fingernail polish remover that effectively removes even the darkest nail polish shades without damaging your nails.

Nail Candy: Pretty and Pink

From flirty fuchsia to super subtle mauve, pops of pink are everywhere. Pink may seem like an unexpected nail polish color at this time of year, but many people are playing it up for winter. Some shades are almost a neutral or toned-down pink that goes with pretty much everything in your winter wardrobe. Have fun with bright or neutral pinks, a nice distraction from super dark shades that tend to dominate the cold months. You’ll also see people mixing it up with pink with orange undertones and pink with purple undertones.

Winter Wonderland: Icy and White

Blanket your nails this winter in white polish. Give winter white a fresh look with metallic white and a shimmer finish or sheer white with a glitter finish. You could also try white with subtle blue undertones. The shimmery, opaque shades add a cheerful touch to your winter nails. And don’t forget to pop the champagne (colors), too. If you want your nail polish to be long-lasting and chip-resistant, be sure to apply a clear gel top coat to finish your manicure.

Down to Earth: Gray and Brown

The subtle and neutral shades of brown, green, and gray right now are anything but boring. The newer colors appear to be less somber or dark and more light-hearted than in past seasons. From mocha brown to sand nude to olive grays, you’ll see variations of down-to-earth colors all over the place. Like your favorite sweaters, there’s something cozy about the new neutrals.

Dreamy Blue-Green: Turquoise and Teal

The colors of the sea and sky and turquoise jewels often remind us of summer and sunny days, but you’ll see a lot of blue-green hues popping up now. Give your winter collection of nail polishes at least one light mint green or teal blue color or something with a soothing blue-green tinge that you’re in love with. Why? Because a bright winter manicure is sure to banish the winter blues.

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