The Best Hair Products for Every Hair Length
The Best Hair Products for Every Hair Length
The length of your hair not only affects which premium hair products will work best for you but also determine how much you should be using. Find out which products work best for your hair based on its length. Mousse is ideal for pixie cuts and shorter hairstyles when you need quick and easy styling, and a hair detangler is perfect for longer hair lengths.

Different hair lengths make a big difference in what products are most helpful in creating the style you want. Knowing which products to use and how much to use really depends on how much hair you are working with. With the right products, you can avoid both frizzy pixie cuts and weighed down longer hair. Plus, the more familiar you become with these products, the more you will know how your hair responds to each product at different lengths. From pixie cuts to long and thick hair, learning which products work best for your hair is essential.

Pixies and Short Hair

Short hair and pixie cuts are on the rise in popularity. Before you decide to say goodbye to your long locks, be sure to prepare for the journey with some helpful styling products. Mousse is a pixie cut’s best friend, especially if you want to give yourself some extra height and weightless volume by styling your hair up. But with shorter hair, it’s essential not to go overboard with mousse. Stick with one or two small pumps in the center of your palm, depending on your hair’s thickness. It also doesn’t hurt to add a little bit of texture to your pixie cut with a texturizing spray hair product. This can help give your hair some definition and a proper finish, regardless of your hair length.

Shoulder Length and Medium Cuts

Once you reach the shoulder-length threshold, you might use hot tools more often to create your desired look. While heated tools are superb for creating the perfect look, prepping your hair with a thermal protectant is essential. Using a volumizing spray that provides thermal protection right after you’ve finished washing your hair is an excellent way to add weightless volume to your locks and keep it protected during the styling process. Once your hair is dry and styled the way you want, finish your look with a hair texturizer to seal in and protect your hair while providing texture and definition.

Long and Thick Hair

If you have long and thick hair, you know how time-consuming it can be to style your hair. With a premium styling creme, you can minimize your blow-dry time and give your hair the thermal and heat protection it needs all in one. Another fantastic way to cut down on your styling time is to use a hair detangler with a built-in leave-in conditioner. The right hair detangler can help you manage tangled hair, which is especially helpful for long, wavy, or curly hair. A quality hair detangler will also include thermal protection and help to repair and strengthen your hair. Simply add a spritz of hair texturizing spray to finish off your look, and you’re set.

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