Myths About Eyelash Extensions?
Myths About Eyelash Extensions?
Eyelash extensions are a great way to alleviate your look effortlessly significantly. They are easy to put on and instantly add a spark of sophistication.

But while you could be considering getting eyelash extensions, you may come across myths that can scare you about getting eyelash extensions. And this blog is here to help clear the major myths about eyelash extensions!


3 Myths About Eyelash Extensions


Myth 1: Eyelash extensions are uncomfortable


The truth: Yes, they can be uncomfortable if not done properly by a professional. The process of putting on eyelashes is easy when done by a professional as they are trained to place the extension to your natural lashes carefully. They are always careful and know how to do it with precision and without damaging your natural lashes.


If you feel uncomfortable or get a tingling, irritating sensation after the eyelashes have been put on, it is advised to check with your stylist again and seek medical attention immediately. Always consider going to specialists who are trained to put on eyelash extensions.


Myth 2: Eyelash extensions can ruin your natural eyelashes


The truth: If the specialist you are visiting is trained and knows how to place the extensions properly, your natural eyelashes will endure no damage at all. Moreover, aside from this, the length of the eyelash also is an important factor to consider.


During the process, the stylist will separate the telogen phase natural eyelashes to ensure they can grow without any obstructions. Improper placement can cause serious damage to the natural eyelashes.


Myth 3: Eyelash extensions do not need washing


The truth: False. Eyelash extensions should be washed twice a day with a light foaming cleanser and gentle brush with utmost care. With routine washing, your eyelash extensions will last longer and will not in any way cause irritation. This also protects against infections by maintaining the hygiene of the extensions.


When considering getting eyelash extensions, it is best to seek professional help to prevent damage to your natural eyelashes and eyes. Always book an appointment with a trained professional with years of successful career.