How to Master Your Ponytail Look
How to Master Your Ponytail Look
We all know and love a good ponytail. But did you know there are some tricks to mastering this versatile hairstyle that you can practice right at home? From using premium products like hair detangler and argan oil to prep your hair for styling to adding some texture-filled oomph to your ponytail, these four tips are here to help you master your ponytail look.

The ponytail is a staple hairstyle that many of us are familiar with. But that doesn’t necessarily mean all of us have mastered this look. A ponytail is a perfect hairstyle for everything from having a fanciful night out to hanging out at home with friends or family. Do you ever look at your ponytail and wonder why it doesn’t look exactly like you pictured it? There are some simple tricks to getting the perfect ponytail every time that you may not know. Here are four essential tips to help you master your ponytail look.

Prep with Detangler

It doesn’t matter how perfect your ponytail is; if your hair looks frizzy and dried out, your ponytail won’t be perfect. Before you even start crafting your look, you want to prep with some premium products. Products like hair detangler and argan oil are easy steps you can apply right after you’ve washed your hair to keep it soft and nourished while you style. Look for products that help seal your ends and provide thermal and UV protection. Detangling and prepping your hair for styling is essential to every routine, especially if you want a fabulous ponytail to match your style.

Blow-Dry Your Roots Back

This is a handy tip if you typically wear your hair down. Your hair naturally wants to lay how you usually wear or style it. Blow-drying your roots backward can help them lay flat in the ponytail naturally, so you won’t have as many flyaways or pieces that fall out. Tip your head back the way you would put it up in a ponytail while you blow-dry, and don’t be afraid to mist your hair with a little spray before you start tying it up.

Add Some Texture to Your Locks

Texturizing spray hair products are total lifesavers foradding some extra oomph to your ponytail. Adding weightless volume, texture, and fullness, texturizing finishing spray always adds great dimension to your hair, whether it’s up in a ponytail or not. The best texturizing spray to look for includes a heat protectant, adds medium workable hold, and is formulated for all hair types and textures. Texturizing spray is essential when creating a look that lasts throughout a night out on the town.

Hide Your Elastic Band

The final finishing touch to the perfect ponytail is hiding that pesky elastic band for an elevated look. This elegant little trick is a lot easier than most people think. All it takes is a piece of hair and some extra bobby pins. Wrap a piece of hair from your ponytail around the outside of the elastic band, then pin the end underneath the elastic against your scalp. A couture ponytail like that can accompany you through life’s events.

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