5 Luxury Hair Salons in Kolkata You Must Keep an Eye Out For
5 Luxury Hair Salons in Kolkata You Must Keep an Eye Out For
This article is meant to inform people around Kolkata about the best hair salons in the city. It lists the five best salons in the city which offer premium hair care solutions.
Taking care of yourself is a task that most people often neglect. Even though not intentionally, people tend to give an action like haircare a backseat, mainly because of their busy schedule. If you are one such individual, it is high time you invest time and money in a hair salon in Kolkata.

There is no better time than now to get your hair done, as many new stylists have come to light after the pandemic, as all the people locked in their homes for two years have suddenly gained the freedom to go outside. Everybody is conditioned to get their hair done in a parlour. For two years, they were forced to alter their habits. However, now their habits are coming back to normal like everything else.

Just female celebrities and business owners, ordinary working women also prefer getting their hair done at premium salons once in a while. Suppose you are one such woman and believe in maintaining a quality of life. In that case, this article is going to be useful for you. Here we will list the best luxury hair salons in Kolkata so that you do not face a hassle next time looking for one. 

Best Premium Hair Salons Available in Kolkata

  1. Eye Catchers

This one is one of the most popular salon chains in Kolkata. Over the years, it has built a very loyal base of customers who prefer to visit there at least once every month. It has a team of experienced hair experts who will ensure you get a service worth your money. It also offers grooming and skin care services.

Address: Wood Street, Camac Street, Kolkata - 700016, Opposite Saturday Club and Near Pantaloon.

  1. Be Bonnie

Be Bonnie is one of the trendiest hair salons in Kolkata. It guarantees a fresh, stylish look every time to visit it. It has been in business for years, and due to its sheer experience in the industry, many customers have a positive image of it and prefer it over other similar salons. It has been even ranked as one of the top salons in the city.

Address: 16 A, Biren Roy Road, Barisha, Kolkata - 700008, Near Behala Chowrasta, Life Care Medicine.

  1. June Tomkyns

June Tomkyns is a well-known parlour for anybody who believes in taking care of their hair from time to time. It has been helping customers around the world for decades now. It has branches in multiple countries and cities in India, one of them being Kolkata. A large number of celebrities prefer getting their hair done here.

Address: 26/2, 1st Floor, Ballygunge Circular Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata - 700019, Near Saint Lawrence School.

  1. TONI & GUY

You must have already heard about this premium hair salon. It has been serving customers for years, and by now, it has successfully built substantial goodwill. People who like their service get their hair done here every time. Customers' loyalty towards this specific salon is a result of the quality of its service.

Address: No 58/1, Saptapadi Building, Ballygunge Circular Road, Ballygunge, Kolkata - 700019, Near Cosmopolitan Club.

  1. Jawed Habib Salon

Jawed Habib is a salon that almost everybody knows about. People who do not often visit salons have most likely heard about this premium salon. It was first established in 2010, and just in 12 years, it has successfully created a fanbase of loyal customers. If this is your first visit to a salon, you can try this one.

Address: 55/1, 1st Floor, Rash Behari Avenue, Kalighat, Kolkata - 700026, Opposite Lake Mall

Haircare is a Necessity

Just like skin, hair is an equally important part of your body, so you must ensure that you take proper care of it. It would be best if you did your research to find out which one is the top hair and beauty salon in Kolkata and get a makeover. For more beauty services visit Haarway.