5 Ingredients You Can Use to Address the Look of Sagging Eyelids
5 Ingredients You Can Use to Address the Look of Sagging Eyelids
If you want to support the delicate skin around your eyes, you need to keep your eyes peeled for effective ingredients. With powerful ingredients that encourage the efficacy of your beauty products, you can achieve a smoother and more radiant-looking complexion overall. That could mean it’s time to say goodbye to sagging eyelids and the fine lines at the corners of your eyes.

Taking care of the delicate skin surrounding your eyes is a top priority. When you’re dead-set on using the most effective formulas to help your eyes look lifted, smooth and radiant, the ingredients in your products definitely matter. Ingredients can be the difference between loving a beauty routine for your eyes and being totally disappointed in one. If you’re ready to invest in formulas with the highest efficacy so you can see smoother-feeling and brighter-looking skin surrounding your eyes, make sure products you use, like eyelid lifting creams, contain the following ingredients.

Holy Plants to Help Delicate Skin Feel Stronger

It might sound a little unusual to look for formulas with “holy” ingredients, but these herbs can deliver powerful, self-rising technology to your favorite eyelid lifting creams. Even in small amounts, holy herb and holy sinensis can help the entire eye area look lifted, essentially supporting stronger-feeling skin.

Licorice Root Extract to Support a Radiant Appearance

Licorice root extract is an excellent ingredient in formulas created to help enhance the appearance of the delicate skin around your eyes. The natural brightener may encourage a smoother, less puffy-feeling eye area that looks lightened.

Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract to Help Your Skin “Bounce Back”

When you want a product that supports skin elasticity, Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract can be a vital element. It could reduce the appearance of dark circles and those fine lines at the corners of your eyes. Plus, Persian Silk Tree Bark Extract may support a firmer-feeling eye area so that you can say goodbye to sagging eyelids and hello to contour and brow arch.

Sodium Hyaluronate to Support Plumper-Looking Skin

Not to be confused with hyaluronic acid, sodium hyaluronate doesn’t just coat the skin—it penetrates the surface. Sodium hyaluronate may help skin look plumper and fuller, attracting and encouraging the feeling of more hydration from underlying skin layers. Who knew?

Skin-Loving Oils to Encourage Long-Lasting Hydration

You might be averse to putting oils on your skin, but they can be a critical part of any beauty routine, including the formulas you apply to the skin around your eyes. Skin-loving oils such as non-comedogenic jojoba oil, macadamia oil and olive oil can help your skin feel nourished and hydrated to achieve a complete glowing look.

While you might not find all of these ingredients in a single product, you can get all of them in a well-rounded beauty routine curated to rejuvenate the delicate skin surrounding your eyes. While finding formulas containing these potent and effective ingredients is a major plus, you also want to ensure your products do not have potentially harsh elements, such as sulfates, parabens, formaldehyde, triclosan and oxybenzone, to name a few. When it comes to products that you apply around your eyes, you want to be selective about the formula so that you can get results and reveal smooth, strong and radiant-looking skin.

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