5 Hair Care Tips to Add to Your Fall Routine
5 Hair Care Tips to Add to Your Fall Routine
Keep your hair looking fresh this fall with simple hair care tips. From boosting moisture to caring for blonde locks with toning purple shampoo, there are a number of best practices and products you can use for healthy autumn hair. Consider investing in premium products like hair texturizer, styling cream, and more that will help your locks look like you just came from the salon.

Autumn is the time for beautiful leafy walks, hayrides, and lounging in front of the fireplace with a warm pumpkin-flavored beverage in hand. The first step on your fall agenda is likely swapping out your wardrobe but changing your hair care routine is equally important. Hair issues may arise as the season changes and the weather gets colder, including scalp dryness and extra frizz.

Here are five tips to help keep your locks looking fresh for fall:

Let Your Hair Down

A ponytail is a cute and convenient style ideal for hot summer days but can cause breakage and scalp stress. These issues can worsen as the weather gets colder and your hair gets drier. Instead, wear your hair down or softly pinned up. Even if you wear a ponytail a few times a week, never wear it to bed. If you wear a ponytail because styling your hair is difficult, try adding a hair texturizer into your routine. A hair texturizer is a dry, translucent finishing spray that delivers weightless volume and texture to help you finish your style.

Get a Fresh Trim

Letting your locks grow longer is a popular option in the cooler months. However, split ends can make this challenging as they often cause thinning and fraying of your ends. Once you discover split ends, the only cure is to chop them off, which should be done immediately after you notice them. Ignoring split ends may cause the splitting to continue further up the hair shaft. So embrace a fun fall cut, even if it’s just a trim.

Boost Moisture

You are likely familiar with the itchy, dry skin associated with colder weather. The season can also be drying for your locks. That’s why ramping up the hydration in autumn is essential. The transition between summer and fall is the ideal time to add a hair mask or consider upgrading your shampoo and conditioner to a particularly moisturizing formula. These actions can keep your locks hydrated and help them adjust to the changing temperatures. Since the weather is already drying out your hair, cutting down on heat styling is also recommended.

Banish Brassiness

While watching the leaves turn yellow this autumn is exciting, the same cannot be said for your locks. Fortunately, toning purple shampoo is the perfect fall remedy to neutralize brassy yellow tones on blonde hair or highlights. Even if you never skip a salon appointment, lightened hair can still take on unwanted brassy tones. Whether you’re a natural or bottled blonde, toning purple shampoo is a crucial product to incorporate into your fall hair care routine.

Invest in New Products

Fall represents the season of change, so it’s a great time to clean out your hair product stash and rebuild with multitasking, high-performance products that keep your locks looking like you just stepped out of the salon. Whether you want to brighten up brassy tones with toning violet shampoo, tame frizz with styling cream, or boost volume with volumizing spray, search for versatile, high-performance, and professional-approved products. Beautiful hair starts with great products, so do your research and invest in ones that will protect and nourish your hair, so you can spend more time enjoying the fun fall festivities.

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