Steps to Build App Like Gojek In Details
Steps to Build App Like Gojek In Details
Building a Gojek Clone app is easy! With pre-built solutions, things have become simpler and quicker. Can't trust the words? Read the blog to find out everything about developing the app in a record 1 to 2 weeks.

What do entrepreneurs want besides a profit-making business solution? Affordability? Quick to market? Well, yes! These are the two basic things that entrepreneurs expect from their on-demand multi-service app. Therefore, the market’s latest king Gojek Clone offers everything that your customers need in one app! Moreover, if you have decided to develop and launch the application, it is time that you read the blog.

Here, you will learn everything about: 

1. What is a Gojek-like app?

2. Benefits of launching an app like Gojek

3. Steps to develop and launch the on-demand app solution in your region



Let’s begin!


What Is a Gojek-like App? 

This on-demand app offers 82+ services such as booking a taxi ride, online grocery delivery, booking masseuse services at home, parcel delivery, and much more. All of these services are available on a single platform which makes it nothing less than an online supermarket for the customers. 


Besides being the digital supermarket, the Gojek Clone app offers the customers a COVID-safe platform to order everything they need! 

Are there any other benefits of using Gojek-like apps? To be honest, there are numerous perks of using the on-demand multi-service app and not just one. To define it better, let's take an in-depth look at the benefits!


1. Saves storage space

Since one app offers every service that your customers may need, they no longer need to download and install multiple mobile apps for single services. This will allow the customers to save more space on their phones!


2. Doorstep delivery

The on-demand multi-service app offers doorstep deliveries of everything from food to groceries, medicines, and much more. In short, the customers can now stay at home and get stuff delivered to their door fronts without stepping out of their comfort.


3. Online payments for extra ease! 

With the Gojek Clone app, your customers will be able to pay for the services online via their credit cards or in-app wallet balance. Such a facility has omitted the need of carrying cash around.


Steps to Develop and Launch the On-demand App Solution 

The days of conventional app development are long gone! Now, it takes only 1 to 2 weeks just to launch the app on global platforms like Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and even Huawei App Store. Let’s see how.


1. Take the free trial of the Gojek-like app

The white-labeling firm will offer you demo apps to try for some time. Ensure that it is free so that you can test if the business solution is right for you without spending money. Take the trial for as long as you want to until you feel it's the perfect app for your business.


2. Discuss your Gojek Clone app development requirements

At this point, you have to discuss your requirements with the Project Manager of the white-labeling firm. After the discussion, the Project Manager will prepare the Scope Document. This single document contains the details of the deliverables and the complete breakdown of the package cost.


3. App development and review

Once you purchase the clone app script, the developers will begin app development. They will integrate your preferred languages, currencies, and payment gateways into the app. Moreover, the developers will also change the color theme of the app, and add your company’s name, and logo! 


After completion, developers will upload the apps to the development server of the firm where the entrepreneurs can review them and provide feedback.


4. The app is ready for the big launch

The Gojek Clone app is now ready for the big launch on Google Play Store, Apple App Store, and Huawei App Store only if you want to!



On the whole, 2022 is the right time to launch the app and start earning money! Rake billions in profit by investing only a fraction of it into the development and launch of the Gojek Clone app. Connect with the sales representative of the white-labeling firm to know more about the app development process, price, and everything else you want to know about! 


Get the app today!