What are the advantages of SMT PCBA assembly
What are the advantages of SMT PCBA assembly
What are the advantages of SMT PCBA assembly

What are the advantages of SMT PCBA assembly

With the rapid development of the electronic manufacturing industry, some technologies are gradually being replaced, while some assembly technologies are becoming more and more popular. In this article, FS Technology will introduce this Surface Mount Technology (SMT), which is gradually replacing THT technology.

What is SMT Assembly Technology

SMT is a technology that is favored by turnkey PCB assembly companies. Its full name is surface mount technology. As the name suggests, it is to assemble SMD components onto the bare PCB board by patch. Since 1970, mankind has gradually regarded it as one of the most important technologies for assembling circuit boards. There are two reasons why FS Technology believes it is favored by turnkey companies.

SMT assembly equipment

1. Humans pursue small electronic devices: Because SMT does not require through-holes like THT, the circuit boards manufactured using this technology are smaller in size, thus making the volume of the finished product smaller.

2. Easy to achieve large-scale wholesale: Compared with THT, SMT assembly technology has greatly improved the profits of turnkey PCB assembly companies to achieve large-scale automatic assembly. According to statistics, more than 90 percent of PCB assembly manufacturers use this technology.

Advantages of SMT Technology

High security

This surface mount technology can give your PCBA board a higher level of security. Compared with DIP components, its longitudinal height is low, which slows down the impact of drops on this PCBA board. This direct plane welding method provides protection for the side impact of the circuit board.

Easy to mass produce

SMT PCB assembly adopts fully automatic production of PCBA boards, FS Technology has 7 fully automatic production lines, and the average MTBF of assembled small electronic products is 250,000 hours. Machines are installed in a way that reduces labor, so it is possible to provide customers with better and cheaper services.

Advanced Assembly Equipment

SMT technology adopts the latest vacuum spindle placement machine, it can provide higher packing density for your project. The tolerance between components is smaller, a circuit board of the same size can only install 8 components using THT technology, while it can be 16 components using SMT technology. Advanced SMT equipment also provides higher quality assurance. The common rate of bad sellers is less than 0.001%, and the quality is effectively guaranteed.

PCB board assembled by SMT technology

Good high frequency characteristics

SMD components are a rigid mounting method, which uses SMD components, which are generally lead-free or short leads. Unlike through-holes, it reduces the influence of parasitic inductance and parasitic effects, and improves the high frequency of the circuit. characteristic.

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