Lessons From Salesforce Auckland Basecamp
Lessons From Salesforce Auckland Basecamp
The most powerful krakia, presented byotene Hopa of tuputoa, that enlighted basecamp. It was very tough to beat, like ‘top moment’ and assign the stage for Inspiring tales, by New Zealand Users.

Kiwis are Doing Many Amazing Things

Lesson – 1

Kiwis are Doing Many Amazing Things

The most powerful krakia, presented byotene Hopa of tuputoa, that enlighted basecamp. It was very tough to beat, like ‘top moment’ and assign the stage for Inspiring tales, by New Zealand Users.

The way, every user shared their stories, with their best practice and ideas, with each other is, astounding. That showed the love of innovation among Salesforce online training new Zealand users.

They are doing some amazing things, it is really inspiring to see everyone sharing knowledge and experience to guide each other.

Lesson 2

Tech is Nothing without, smart people and concentration

One company in New Zealand doing Amazing things, with a Biggest retail group. The warehouse Group ( TWG). TWZ offers rich service and Incredible user Experience. Which is across Six Different brands.

That is even, with complex, that comes with managing, different journey paths, 

which is across every brand users.

When TWG chief Digital officer, Michelle Anderson, has shared the story, of its point to point Transformation. It was very clear that the company is making, big use of users 360. 

For managing the criticalness, it is able to do this because due to its smart people, and Intent concentration on CX.

Lesson 3

Every Big Oak came from a simple Little acorn.

I know, it is overwhelming . to see what is amazing about Trailblazers, on stage on basecamp. That has got and it seems very difficult. It is easy to walk away and not to do anything that they were.

The main key in every story shared by a Trailblazer was, they have started small. They concentrated on getting the foundations right, iterating regularly and cultivating a mindset of non -stop the growth and incremental improvement.

They were not afraid to lose and knew they would go on Improving.

Lesson 4

Build a Network with a Shared Vision

Of course, just do it one thing, but there are many vital relationships that start transformation and these were core to every of trailblazer stories, that shared on base camp.

The user, who doing great work, that they powerfully, proud of distributing, a strong vision with executive sponsorship. And with very trusted partners, who they work with designing their Internal strengths.

Lesson 5

Building skills for the future of work is everyone’s Business

Absolute Highlight of the keynote, for me was sharing, news of the latest partnership with tech Futures lab. That will offer salesforce administrator certification in the latest short course format.

Through this partnership, with a tech futures lab, we are designing admin skills, and certification. So more accessible to a broader audience. Users can do four hours, a week of face to face rules and another four in their own time on the trailhead, and it costs less than $999.

Lesson 6

Form every step we have heard at basecamp, there is no doubt, that connectivity is forcing New Zealand business. It is changing user expectations. They are more informed and they expect every business to access. When and where they need to reach them.

For offering the same sort of experience, they can get as users anywhere.

Lesson 7

Data is a Key to Connection

We heard from users, about the value of simply, accessing in real-time, data that was once stored in many silos and disparate applications. The value of using the data to get actionable results and making decisions about operational activities and to service users and innovate more rapidly.

Lesson 8

We were so pleased to announce the goods cloud at base camp. We also heard, so much about the Importance of Relationships. That is for getting closer to users. 

Throughout the day and user goods, the cloud allows reps, for doing that.

Lesson 9

In the campground, st John shared some amazing ways, that have improved the way for connecting new Zealanders, by using marketing automation. Main architect Adrain Krzyzewski and Digital manager Adi wickramaratne spoke, about st john’s transformation program. And Sharing results, and lessons from experience in 10 years at st john have been using technology.

But while Adrian and Adi have won many hearts and minds, datacom and fronde won bellies. There was so much buzz in a campground, coffees, and sweet bribes.