Full-Fledged Uber For Tutors To Enhance Your Tutor Services
Full-Fledged Uber For Tutors To Enhance Your Tutor Services
The on-demand app Uber For Tutors permits students to do everyday activities while being handled by tutors.

To achieve the best out of its investing, modern technologies have provided us with an equal opportunity in every business industry. The larger extension can be reached by the business with the help of beneficial mobile app developments. Still, we are suffering under COVID-19 effects, which has put numerous people's lives under panic conditions. 


The education sector has been still affected by this situation. So the education institutions are switching to online platforms for regular classes. Until the completion of the COVID-19, most virtual classes are majorly preferred. 


It is a good opportunity too, to provide advanced training to your institution's students technologically. So, the on-demand app Uber For Tutors should be preferred by educational institutions right now.

What Is An Uber For Tutors?

Since the Covid-19 the education institutions, schools, universities, etc. are still prohibited. Educating a large group of students without any spread effects is a tremendous problem. Since then a dramatic increase in the internet market has happened. 


The on-demand app Uber For Tutors permits students to do everyday activities while being handled by tutors. The main thing that needs to be owned by the parents and the students is just a smartphone to install and register into the app. Similarly, the separate app for the educator to register with it.         

How Does An On-Demand Teaching App Work?

The Tutor Service Software is known for its methodical approach, which eventually leads to a user-friendly experience for both the tutors and students. So, here let’s examine the working mechanism of an on-demand teaching app. 


Initially, teachers are needed to complete the registration procedure using the mobile application. In the signup process, they are required to upload the required documents and the qualified subjects that they are experienced to teach. 


Once the admin panel verified the genuineness of the uploaded documents, the teacher became qualified to start teaching on this online platform. The tutor is able to accept or reject the request received for the different students as per their availability. Once the request is accepted by the tutors, the students can make a payment through the app.


Once the payment has been done, the tutor can start the online session or else can visit them on the student’s location by the tracking option to teach them. 


After the class is over, the student can rate and submit a review for the tutor based on their satisfaction and experience. The credibility of the tutor will be improved based on the ratings they have gained. 

Advanced Features Of Tutor Service App


Registration provides how considerable your students are registering and spending themselves to self-learning. You can also provide an option for social media registration.

Search Filters:

Search filters help students to organise their lectures or classes according to their subjects, ranges, fees, duration, etc. Based on the student’s interests you can actually include personalized recommendations. 

Payment Mode:

Multiple payment gateways are included for students to make a secure payment through their app. It includes Paypal, Stripe, E-Wallet, Debit Card, etc.

Give Ratings And Review:

Ratings & Reviews submitted by the students helped to choose the tutors by other students. The concerned tutors can also be rated by their students based on the quality of service they are experienced, the efficiency of teaching, time management, and behaviour.

In-App Chat:

It is simpler for the students to connect and communicate with their tutors about issues, queries, etc. The learning process of the student’s efficiency increases. 

Touching The Bottom Line:

Wish to be a step ahead in the online tutor service industry? You should have a full-fledged Uber For Tutors With essential features. Hope this blog conveyed some of the premium features. 


Some features are there to drive you to reach high fame in the tutor service industry. If you want to know more about this contact us by the following details.


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