Achieving Transportation and Economic Growth
Achieving Transportation and Economic Growth
Achieving Transportation and Economic Growth using AI-Based Software

How AI can help Achieving Transportation and Economic Growth  QRyde - The Ultimate Solution In a Nutshell QRyde is the ultimate AI software that offers the pre-eminent solution to ease the transit services, besides that, QRyde also provides customized solutions according to your transit challenges, which often contributes to economic growth.

Artificial intelligence, the emerging technology that can encompass nearly anything, from search engine algorithms to robotics. It tenders to accomplish the need of achieving transportation and economic growth at its best. When it comes to large cities across the globe, issues related to transport, traffic, and logistics are always considered a matter of concern. This is all because of the rapid growth of the human population and the increase in the number of vehicles on the road. When it comes to efficiently create and manage a sustainable transport system, technology could be of immense support.

Utah is a state of the Western United States, in the Mountain West sub-region. Utah is a landlocked U.S. state bordered to its east by Colorado. In the 2020 U.S. census, Utah had a population of 3,271,616. The U.S. Census Bureau estimated that the population of Utah was 3,205,958 on July 1, 2019, a 16.00% increase since the 2010 U.S. census. Utah has a highly diversified economy, with major sectors including transportation, education, information technology, research, government services, mining, and tourism. 

AI solutions have emerged as ease for accessing real-time information in urban areas struggling with traffic congestion, from vehicles for traffic management, and utilizing mobility on demand in trip planning through a single user interface. For efficient traffic management (Transportation, 2019), secure integration of AI-based decision-making, traffic management, routing, transportation network services, and other mobility optimization tools are other possibilities. AI is the ultimate technology considered by World Economic Forum. AI methods support transportation in a phenomenal way.

What are the Transportation Challenges in Utah

Public Transportation travel in Utah fell by 36% in April 2020 owing to the Covid-19 epidemic (compared to the same month the previous year) but rebounded to 7% higher in November 2021 than in November 2019.

• Approximately 42% of Utah's major roadways are in poor or average condition. Driving on deteriorating roads costs Utah drivers $1.5 billion each year – $723 per driver – in additional maintenance, accelerated vehicle depreciation, and increased fuel consumption and tyre wear.

• A total of 2% of Utah's bridges are assessed in poor/structurally inadequate condition, indicating considerable deterioration to the bridge's primary components. Thirty percent of the state's bridges are at least 50 years old, an age at which many bridges require extensive rehabilitation or replacement.

By forecasting traffic conditions on the road, vehicles that are connected through technology improve driving efficiency. The research article addresses three perspectives.

(i) Assessment of accurate prediction and detection models aiming to forecast traffic volume, traffic conditions, and incidents.

(ii) By exploring various applications of AI, public transportation as a sustainable mode of mobility.

(iii) Connected vehicles aim to enhance productivity by reducing the number of accidents on highways.

To overcome issues related to the transport industry, several studies have been conducted across the globe. With the support of AI technologies, this industry has got the hope for a significant area of development.

Investments in Utah's surface transportation system will boost the state's economy in the short term by creating jobs, but will also improve economic competitiveness, stimulate long-term job growth, improve access and mobility, improve traffic safety, reduce travel delays, and improve road and bridge conditions in the long run.

 QRyde is an AI-based transit software that can increase ridership, improve frequency, and solve many other issues by providing features like:

  • QRyde analytics to expand in new markets

Application for riders and drivers (Android and IOS application)

Automated route optimization and planning

Contactless payments (fair card) and multi-funding source billing

One dashboard to analyze current and past performance and much more.

Utah needs safe, economical, and dependable transportation for good economic growth. When transportation software systems are efficient, they give economic and social possibilities and benefits that have a positive multiplier impact, such as improved market accessibility, employment, and increased investment. There are many states, DOTs, agencies, operators, etc. that are using AI-based software to create dependable and efficient public transportation management solution. QRyde is an AI-based automated software that can analyze your ride request data to plan your current and future service areas.

QRyde is an AI-based transit software that can:

  • Automate dispatching and scheduling

Enable electronic payments

Provide a dashboard with complete analytics

Track your vehicles through GPS

Map demand and assist with new routes