best 10 cuisine restaurants edmonton
best 10 cuisine restaurants edmonton
The samosa shop is best indian street food in Edmonton. The samosa is a turnover, half-moon shaped fried snack, filled with a spicy potato and peas mixture and served hot with a chutney. The samosa is a popular street food in India and is also a common snack in many Indian restaurants across the world. The samosa is said to have originated in India.

best cuisine restaurants edmonton

We provide catering service in Edmonton. We will deliver our delicious samosa to your home any time you want to eat, thanks to our modern delivery system.

The Samosa Shop is Best Cuisine in Edmonton:- The Samosa Shop is synonymous with delicious Indian cuisine in Edmonton. It has become a household name, synonymous with the best Indian food in the city. Its menu is extensive, offering a range of classic Indian dishes, complemented with a range of side dishes. But its speciality is the samosa, a traditional Indian savory pastry.