4 Justification To Employ An Arborist
4 Justification To Employ An Arborist
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Arborists are a type of tree expert that can help your property. They understand the biology and horticulture of trees, which allows them to make recommendations about pruning, trimming and cutting services as well as how to prevent problems in the future. 

The following reasons will help you consider employing an Arborist Melbourne:

Evaluation of trees

One of the most important services an arborist can provide is evaluation. This involves inspecting trees to determine their health and overall condition, as well as determining whether they require pruning, trimming or cutting.

If you're looking for an expert opinion on your trees, look no further than an arborist—they offer professional advice based on years of experience in this field!

If you have questions about evaluating your trees or need help with any other tree-related service, don't hesitate to contact us today.

Arborist recommendations

You might be wondering, “What can an arborist do for me?”. The answer is simple: they provide expert advice based on the health and safety of your trees. They also offer recommendations about appropriate tree care based on size, location, and other factors.

  • A professional arborist will assess the health of your trees by looking at their trunk diameter, crown shape and size (and overall appearance), root system development, soil conditions around the base of the tree;
  • An experienced professional will make recommendations regarding pruning techniques to maintain balance between growth rates in different parts of a tree;
  • Arborists can provide recommendations based on how much light reaches different parts of your yard (or roof) during certain hours/days throughout each season;

Pruning, trimming and cutting services

A professional arborist in the area will have a thorough understanding of the different tree species and their growth rates, as well as what type of pruning or trimming is required for each. This can help you save money by not having to replace trees prematurely because of poor maintenance.

If you're looking for someone to remove trees on your property, it's important that they are licensed and insured. A certified arborist knows how to safely and efficiently remove trees without damaging your property or risking human health and safety. The services provided by an arborist may include:

  • Pruning
  • Tree trimming
  • Stump grinding and removal services

Stump grinding and removal services

Stump grinding is a cost effective means of removing stumps, and it also has environmental benefits. Removing stumps by hand is extremely time consuming, and depending on the size of the stump can be very difficult as well. Stump grinding is an efficient way to remove unwanted stumps without damaging surrounding property or roots of other plants in your lawn.

When you hire an arborist or tree service company for stump grinding services, they will use specialized equipment to dig out all of the roots from underneath your tree's stump and then grind them down into small pieces that are easily disposed of at local landfills or recycling centers. 

This process allows you to avoid having unsightly stumps on your property while also keeping them out of landfills so they don't take up space that could have been used for more beneficial things like fuel source materials instead!


The Arborist Melbourne professionals have the knowledge and expertise to help you with any of your tree service needs. Whether you’re looking for an evaluation or removal, they can help with all aspects of your project. 

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