What is Marble Quarrying?
What is  Marble Quarrying?
Goodwill Marbles & Granite is India’s leading Indian and imported Natural Stone supplier across India for the last three decades.

What is quarrying?

Quarrying is a popular word in the mining industry. quarrying is the process of extracting valuable rocks, marble, sandstone, onyx, etc from the earth's surface. Quarrying is often called open-pit mining because it is open to the earth's surface.


Surprising fact - 

The great pyramid of Giza was built and processed with the help of multiple quarries around the city. You would be surprised to know that the ancient structure of Rome such as the Pantheon & colosseum was made possible due to quarries only.


Modernization of quarries 

Nowadays modernization has boosted quarries business with blasting, equipment, and hauling equipment. Industrial drills (laser-like pointed) are widely used to cut hard rock into fine pieces. Quarries are located outside the city perimeter. They require huge land to process out mining, drilling, storing & maintaining the whole structure.     


Interesting fact- 

Ever wondered what happened to the ancient quarries which contributed to the construction of the great structures of the world?


Quarries turn into lakes, due to the lack of natural resources. Many quarries were shut down and never reopened. The enormous empty land can be imagined as the structure of the hollow half moon which was filled with rainwater. 


About Goodwill exports in the quarrying Business.

GoodWill Exports Pvt. Ltd. is the leading supplier and exporter of natural marbles, granites, and rocks. We own and operate multiple quarries across Rajasthan.


Recently I have started trading with a company called GoodWill Exports Pvt. Ltd. As they are the global supplier of marble and granites, i get the most affordable prices. They own and operate multiple quarries across Rajasthan. Exports to USA, UK, UAE and etc.

Why should you prefer goodwill exports? 


We have proudly exported a huge number of marbles, granites, sandstone, onyx stone, pebble stone, cobblestone, and foreign-based imported marble not just in India but all over the globe and built a loyal customer base for almost 3 decades. Our family of customers has spread from the US, UK Saudi Arabia, UAE, and Kuwait to European countries.