Transform your bedroom with bed photo frames
Transform your bedroom with bed photo frames
Transform your bedroom with bed photo frames from the wall mantra

Transform your bedroom with bed photo frames from the wall mantra

In recent years, bed photo frames have become an essential part of modern homes. It is not only trendy but also brings warmth to the walls of your bedroom. Your life experiences and stories are the priceless memories that should be framed. Instead of keeping them safe in the closets, frame them to showcase and revive the experiences. 

Photo frames are appreciated and purchased all over the world and are in trend in today’s market. It is a piece of art and requires a lot of effort. Framing is a wonderful idea for cherishing and preserving your memories. It is entirely on you whether you want to keep the memories for a keepsake or inspiration for others on how to live life. 

Selecting an appropriate bedroom photo frame will enhance the look of the room and will show your personality. It is often said, a picture says more than a thousand words so, it is indispensable to frame the picture and make it valuable. Moments of spending time with your family or on vacation, every bit will look extraordinary on the walls of the room. 

Sometimes photo frames are also required to portray a family legacy, an art of nostalgia, or for keepsake. A picture frame is an effective way to make an impression on the room in an elegant way. Photos can be a way of memorizing a special event or loved one and framing them is like communication of warmth on the walls. 

Wall Mantra has a diverse range of bed photo frames that can bring back the memories of your happiest times and also enhance the décor of your room. You can choose from various sizes and dimensions depending on the space available. Also, you can select a theme for the room and put similar pictures in different colorful photo frames. 

Here are some ideas on how to use these bed photo frame

Capture college life in photo frames

Your college life is the time when you were stress-free and away from life’s hassles. Just like many things that you do once in a lifetime, studying is among them. Therefore, preserving these moments in wall frames is like reliving those fun-filled days every day and remembering the beautiful moments. It is also a way of keeping in touch with old long-distance friends with whom you have spent a major part of your life and lost touch. 

Photo frames as Customize gift    

Gifting a picture frame on special occasions is an amazing idea and makes it unusual for them. It is a wonderful gift for any member of the family, who can use it for maintaining their lifetime pictures. In the case of grandparents, framing will make them remember their life journey on how they have spent. For others as well it can be walking down the memory lane. 

Keeping such pictures on the frame along their bedside table is an exceptional idea. It can be a single frame with many pictures in a collage or a single photo, both will work in making them happy every time they see them. You can choose a metal frame or wooden frame that will have a visual appeal and will look good hanging on the wall or at the side of the bed. Both the quality of the frame has a longer life. 

Create a photo mantelpiece

If you have enough space on your set of drawers kept beside the bed then you can create a photo mantel on that. This is a good idea to replace a single photo with multiple frames in one place. You just have to select a theme for the room and it can be friends, family tree, or vacation that will look stunning on the shelves. These shelves will be your happy space in the room.

Select a themed photo

It is not necessary to put your personal photos every time and flood your walls everywhere. Instead, you can also select a theme that can be of any aesthetic piece of art or we have tones of frames in which you can add a quote or abstract art that will make your abode look different. 

Pick a black and white theme

A black and white theme can be a perfect choice for enhancing the room. You can also gift these frames to someone old or your grandparents when there were no colors yet their life was colorful. They can put their wedding, anniversary, or graduation days photos and remember the good old moments. The frames will give a vintage appeal to the room. 

Choose rows and column frames 

We have a treasure of pictures and this makes it difficult for which pictures to choose. So, there is an easy way out, pick a frame with rows and columns and put many pictures together. This will make you more cherished with more memories in one place. The only thing that you have to consider is the space for keeping the frame on the bedside. 

To summarize we would say that the wall mantra has an extensive collection of photo frames that will suit your every need and will be the best option to decorate your home. These are available at an affordable price and of superior quality.