Kitchen Remodeling Ideas from a Guidebook
Kitchen Remodeling Ideas from a Guidebook
A renovation guide is useful whether you're looking to completely redo your kitchen or simply update your appliances.

A renovation guide is useful whether you're looking to completely redo your kitchen or simply update your appliances. Everything from wall paint to cabinetry to flooring is included. There is a wide range of styles and colors available, from affordable to extravagant.


Planning a kitchen layout

Use a cool color scheme to create a soothing environment. A kitchen painted a tranquil shade of blue, for instance, can help you feel at ease while cooking. Purple and green are two additional cool colors. White and natural wood are also a lovely color combination to consider. Natural wood and earth tones, as well as blue and white, can help you avoid a clinical appearance.

Kitchen lighting is also very important. Lighting should be considered early in the design process, say designers like Jamie Blake of Blakes London. Kitchen cabinet painting is another suggestion from the designer. This is due to the fact that they are the most visually pleasing and work well with both traditional and contemporary, linear designs.


Architectural and adornment wall details can also be incorporated. A gorgeous blue chandelier with intricate details, for instance, can soften an otherwise severe kitchen. The kitchen's design, as a whole, must be practical, however. Living plants are another option for sprucing up a dull kitchen. Contact KEO


Having cabinets in two different colors is another great trick for making your kitchen seem more open. The kitchen will feel more open and airy if the upper cabinets are painted a pale blue and the lower ones a deeper color. You can improve the look of your kitchen by incorporating patterned wallpaper or fabric.


Tonal range

Choosing a color scheme is a crucial step in the kitchen design process. You should choose a color scheme that complements the style of your kitchen without going overboard on any one hue. Keep the use of striking hues to a minimum on large surfaces, and instead reserve them for easily replaceable components like a backsplash. Changing the hue of just a few objects can have a dramatic effect on the overall aesthetic of a space.

Grey may be considered too cool by some, but it makes a stunning backdrop for a home's kitchen. To complement your counters and cabinets, consider using gray, which works well with a wide range of colors. To your kitchen, gray can bring a sense of harmony by striking a balance between neutral and bold colors.


Black and gold are timeless and elegant accent colors for a kitchen. The combination of driftwood gold and shark black will give this kitchen a sophisticated look. However, a kitchen outfitted with light wood and brown and white cabinets makes for a warm and welcoming space that isn't lacking in natural light. For instance, fawn-colored cabinets stand out against a white backsplash, and a colorful runner adds a burst of color to an otherwise neutral space.

Earthy neutrals, tans, and deep greens are some of the most popular kitchen color trends for 2022. If you want to spice up your kitchen's decor, try incorporating some vivid hues and a striking blue. Keep in mind, though, that your color scheme needs to complement the kitchen's lighting.


Lift the layout and soften the overall look of your kitchen by adding curved elements to your cabinetry. Curves, says Metris conceptual designer Graeme Smith, give your cabinetry a striking focal point while also adding a subtle touch of shaping.

This entire kitchen, floor to ceiling, is constructed of wood reclaimed from a nearby abandoned farm. Before having her cabinets made, the homeowner demolished her old house and milled the lumber herself. Photo's dark wood complements photo's white walls. Dark wood can add a rustic feel to a space, but it also complements a brightly colored, well-lit kitchen.


Instead of sticking to one color scheme, try experimenting with different combinations. If you have an inclination toward a certain shade, test it out on a small section of your cabinetry to see if you like the way it looks. Alternately, you could use tonal contrast to draw attention to key points. For instance, a kitchen with all-white cabinets would be very light and airy, but adding some deeper wood cabinets to the island would help to ground the space. With the face lowered, you'll have quick access to whatever's in there.

You should prioritize your budget and available space when deciding on kitchen cabinet colors and styles. Traditional, ornate designs work better in spacious areas, while modern, minimalist aesthetics are more at home in tighter quarters. Transitional designs, which combine modern and classic elements, are a good choice for smaller homes. For instance, your kitchen could have either a contemporary or traditional look and feel with Shaker-style cabinetry.



If you're planning a kitchen remodel, you might want to look into some trendy flooring options. In terms of quality, hardwood is widely regarded as a top option. Hardwoods, which come in many different species, last a long time and retain their attractive appearance. However, they can be harmed by water if not maintained properly. To maintain their new appearance, periodic refinishing is required.

Hardwoods are a great choice for the kitchen because of how low-maintenance they are. These are lovely to look at and cozy to walk on in open layouts. They can withstand a wide range of temperatures and humidity levels without showing any signs of wear. Furthermore, darker hardwood flooring shades are available with the purpose of preventing scratches. Engineered wood is another option; it's made up of several layers of plywood and wood fiber.

Marble flooring is a sophisticated option for a traditional interior design. Marble is an eco-friendly material that will last for decades. However, marble is more fragile and can easily become stained. If you'd rather have hardwoods, a kitchen floor made from marble could be a good compromise.

It's not uncommon to find kitchens with wooden floors. It's not only a sensible choice, but also a fashionable one. It can be customized by the way it's installed.



To help you design the ideal kitchen, consider some of these layout options. There are a variety of kitchen layouts available to choose from, including L-shaped, U-shaped, and island-style kitchens. If you're short on square footage, a galley kitchen may be your best bet. This will allow you to maximize your counter space while minimizing their impact on your living quarters.

U-shape: Also called a horseshoe layout, it allows you to make the most out of your kitchen and workspace. It's great for collaboration because of the numerous saving options it provides. This design works equally well for combined cooking and dining spaces. A kitchen island can be installed if it has at least two open walls.

A kitchen with open shelving is a great addition to any design. Displaying fine china and sturdy cast-iron cookware is easy when you have open shelving. You can then make use of the available cabinet space by putting away useful kitchen necessities. Having open storage in the kitchen makes the space more relaxing. With this method, you can also spend time with your loved ones at home.

When designing a kitchen, a peninsula can be used to extend an island that provides additional workspace, cabinetry, and seating. This design is versatile enough to accommodate both medium and large cooking spaces. In addition to separating the dining and living areas, it can also serve as a room divider. If you're short on square footage, a kitchen island peninsula is a fantastic option


Greenery It's a great idea to bring some greenery into the kitchen. Bringing plants into the kitchen not only helps to mask any unpleasant odors, but also gives the space a new, stylish look. Spider plants are just one of many that can help purify the air in your home. These plants require little care and will flourish in a sunny spot that does not receive direct sunlight. Its long, skinny leaves make it a good choice for a decorative container.

Plants are a low-cost and simple way to spruce up your kitchen's aesthetic. Put attractive plant containers in them to improve their aesthetic value. An Anthurium, with its vibrant flowers, is just one example of a plant that can brighten the room. Its dark green glossy leaves and bright bracts make it a beautiful decorative element in the kitchen.


The air quality in your home will improve, and your stress levels will decrease, simply by having some plants around. They have the ability to lift spirits and sharpen mental clarity. Putting a plant in the kitchen is like putting a piece of the home's soul there. There is a plethora of options for kitchen plant decor.

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