How to Decorate a Christmas Tree on a Budget
How to Decorate a Christmas Tree on a Budget
Buying a Christmas tree is expensive, and once you have a tree, you can have so

many additional expenses when you go to decorate it.

Buying a Christmas tree is expensive, and once you have a tree, you can have so

many additional expenses when you go to decorate it. Many people have

collected ornaments over the years, but if you are just getting started with your

collection or if you want to try something different, you may be wondering how

to decorate your tree on a budget. The good news is that a stunning real

Christmas tree online doesn’t have to be an expensive one. Even with a budget


Choose a Theme


Choosing a theme can make a tree with even inexpensive items look upscale.

When you have a theme, people can see your intentions, and it doesn’t look like

you just threw a bunch of things on the tree, hoping it would look good. Have a

lot of ornaments or craft items in a certain color? Make that your theme. Don’t be

afraid to be creative with your theme, either! Think of things you have a lot of and

go from there. For example, if you had a keychain collection, you could make a

theme around that. You could also make a homemade ornament theme. There

are so many good themes to choose from.


Get Statement Pieces


For the money that you do want to spend on your tree, spend most of it on

higher-quality but more appealing statement ornaments. These ornaments can be

the focal points of your tree and make it look more refined. You can then fill the

tree in with more inexpensive ornaments. When you have those few ornaments

that you really love, you’ll feel a lot more enthusiastic about your tree. You can continue to add to your collection over the years or even asks for ornaments as



Choose a Smaller Tree


If you want to focus on getting higher-quality items, you could even choose a

smaller tree to decorate. You can make it look just as nice, but you don’t have to

fill it as much, so you can save money!


Have Variation


While you want some ornaments to match to promote cohesion, having a few

variants in size, color, and shape can make your tree look more expensive without

actually being more expensive.


Make Paper Chains


Paper chains can seem like they’d look cheap or tacky, but you can make them

look more upscale by choosing patterned scrapbooking paper and gluing the rings

together. You could even choose scrapbook paper that is flocked for additional

interest. Look out for scrapbook paper sales or books of scrapbook paper that are

often cheaper.


Make and Paint Dough Ornaments


Salt dough ornaments are ornaments you can make using special dough with

basic kitchen ingredients like flour and salt. You can then roll the dough out, cut it

with cookie cutters, and then bake the ornament to harden it. After you bake the

ornaments, you can paint them! Kids love making these, and even if you’re not

that artistic, these can look great.


DIY Ornaments


There are so many other ways you can make DIY ornaments. For example, you

can use decoupage glue, fabric scraps or paper scraps, and dollar store ornaments

to make ornaments. All you have to do is glue the paper or the fabric to the

ornament, and voila, you have a nice-looking ornament. There are a million ways

to make ornaments, and you just have to find what you like best.


Cut Out Snowflakes


Paper snowflakes are fun to make, and they look wonderful. You can be creative

and create intricate patterns and make them in various sizes. You can them or

even string them in garland. For a more unique look, you can use patterned or

textured paper. Get creative with these snowflakes, and you can take your tree to

the next level.


Use Ribbon for Garland


Ribbon is an affordable choice if you want to add garland to your tree. It can take

up a lot of space, too, so if you don’t have a lot of ornaments, you can fill the

empty space with ribbon. For a more delicate look, you can use a thinner ribbon.

The options are endless.


String Popcorn


While some people feel uncomfortable about having food on their trees, stringing

popcorn is an old holiday tradition. With just some thread and old popcorn, you

can string popcorn garlands. This can take For added festive looks, you can even

add dried fruit to your popcorn strands! It can give your tree a classic look, and it’s

one of the cheapest suggestions that you can use.


Check Out Thrift Stores and Yard Sales


This can take some planning ahead, but getting secondhand ornaments is a great

way to save money and get high-quality pieces. Thrift stores and yardsales are

two common places that may have old decorations you can use, but you may also

find deals on online places like Facebook Marketplace. Because Christmas

ornaments are only used one season a year, even old decorations can be in good



Go to the Dollar Store


Dollar stores can be great places to get affordable but still nice ornaments. You

can look through the holiday section, and you may be able to find other

decorations that you can easily turn into ornaments by looping sting through

them. You can even use flowers and use them as picks to stick in the branches of

the tree. Keep an eye out for other holiday goods like pinecones, bells, or bells.

Get the Best Tree


Getting a good tree makes whatever decorations you use look that much better,

so invest money into a good tree.

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